Contest Entry 3 Picture

This deviation will later be updated with the rest of his line, which as of now it uncolored, this is simply an upload to make the contest deadline!

RINOTAUR(?)-steel/fighting-IRON HEAD

name is pending, not sure I like it, but the first in the line is a sheep/goat thing that is based on "steel wool" and this last stage turns into a minotaur crossed with a mountain goat... so um... yea

"RINOTAUR live deep in the winding caves of high mountain peeks and only leaves to pursue the intruders of it's territory. Their dens were once used as inescapable prisons for the worst of criminals."

This was going to be used as my "mythological" entry to :blueghosty: 's contest, but as I've stated I wanted to enter something more obscure for that category.

RINOTAUR is (c) to Lydario
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