The Labyrinth's Monarch Picture

[Alternate title: "Fitness Made Simple's Other Poster Child"]

Minotaur!!! Yeee! Because God of War snaps my Greek Mythology-loving side back to life. I did him no justice in his nether-regions, but that's okay, cause I don't know male anatomy anyways. I probably destroyed his washboard stomach. NOOOO.

I was originally going to do a quick sketch just to get it out of my system but I ended up spending 3 days [on and off] on this. When I could be doing better things. GRAUGH. WHY. Oh yeah, cos I love minotaurs. :B

Would minotaurs be anthro or fantasy? I said fantasy but you never know with deviantart. o_o

Drawn in Opencanvas, rest done in Photoshop.
Artwork and Image © 2005 to *pandorabox

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