A Minion Minotaur Picture

Come on now, seriously! You have to know by now that I'm a total mythological geek and something along this line just had to happen!

This idea was actually for a rather silly contest I had entered. The idea was a mythological creature for Greek Mythology.

Those who are not familiar:
A minotaur is half man, half human. I made the more human bull headed version. The other version is a man head with a bull body. Both versions are written along the crete's walls, artwork, frescoes, and potteries.

It was a curse for one of the kings that ruled a land off Greece called Crete. The king broke a promise to a person he owed much to. He cursed the kng by making his wife fall inlove with a bull, in return, creating these huge monstorous half man, half bull children. One of the children grew up and became locked away in the center of the fortress of Crete. For rituals, every year, they use to feed 7 girls and 7 boys to the beast to eat as a sacrifice.

It's really not the minotaur's fault. He was created by a horrible curse....was he really expected to love humans? lol I really hope that this mythological practice was just a story and they actually didn't have some phyco that was locked up in the fortress giving these helpless kids to....I want to think something else happened...lol

But anyways, this is my version of a hot minotaur. I think the creature is just really rather misunderstood.

Oh, I sketched this two weeks ago. Was my first sketch after a solid year of not doing any kind of this work. Seems like I still got the touch.
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