Fakemon Starters Final Stages Picture

Arkimaleon (Archmage / Archimage + Chameleon)
Shaman Pokémon
"Forest tribes worship it for its amazing psychic abilities, which it can use to see the future. When it disappears using its camouflage, many believe it actually vanishes into a different realm. It shakes the beads on its legs and tail to put itself in a magical trance and enhance its psychic powers."
80 / 78 / 74 / 117 / 85 / 100
Move Learn List:
-- Megahorn
-- Tackle
-- Tail Whip
7 Razor Leaf
9 Growth
13 Camouflage
16 Horn Attack
20 Tail Slap
24 Future Sight
28 Leaf Blade
32 Barrier
38 Psychic
44 Hypnosis
50 Horn Leech
56 Calm Mind
62 Leaf Storm

Minotorch (Minotaur + Torch)
Minotaur Pokémon
"It leads foolhardy travelers deep into its labyrinth using torches made of its flames. Once the travelers are deep inside, it extinguishes the torches and leaves its prey lost in the darkness. Then the hunt begins."
120 / 120 / 70 / 90 / 70 / 64
Move Learn List:
-- Megahorn
-- Tackle
-- Growl
7 Ember
9 Fury Attack
13 Focus Energy
16 Beat Up
20 Horn Attack
24 Punishment
28 Flamethrower
32 Take Down
38 Fire Punch
44 Sucker Punch
50 Head Smash
56 Nasty Plot
62 Flare Blitz

Sabretain (Sabre Tooth + Chevrotain, a type of fanged deer)
Frozen Fang Pokémon
"Sabretain are prideful and live alone their entire lives, making sightings extremely rare. Because of this, they are often referred to as gods of the icy forests they inhabit. Their hooves emit a mysterious force that allows them to walk on the surface of water."
85 / 110 / 75 / 108 / 70 / 86
Move Learn List:
-- Megahorn
-- Tackle
-- Leer
7 Water Gun
9 Charm
13 Fury Attack
16 Aqua Ring
20 Aqua Jet
24 Ice Fang
28 Jump Kick
32 Roar
38 Icicle Crash
44 Aqua Tail
50 Swords Dance
56 Blizzard
62 Hydro Pump

Arkimaleon: Based on the horned chameleon. I wanted the Kameeleaf line to be something other than just Grass-Type chameleons, so I decided to take a different route in the end. The shaman / witch doctor idea was the most interesting idea I could think up, so I went with that. The head is supposed to look like a witch doctor’s headdress. The shaking idea just came from the fact that whenever I think of a tribal shaman casting spells, I think of him shaking a magical staff with leaves, beads, and skulls on the top.

Minotorch: Thanks to MrCoal for the idea of the Calfire line ending with a minotaur. When I first thought up the evolutions I had it evolving into a big Ox, but it felt very dull compared to a minotaur. Because of the minotaur’s mythology it allowed me to expand on the Dark aspect a lot better. The fire on its head starts at the top and travels down its back a bit, like a mane. They wait deep within their labyrinth and can sense anything that happens inside, so when travelers get led inside by the torches Minotorch set, they can immediately extinguish them from anywhere inside the labyrinth and begin hunting down the travelers.

Sabretain: I shaped the fur on its chest to look a little like a scarf blowing in the wind to make the Ice aspect a little more believable. I didn’t make the antlers anything astounding, since water deer aren’t supposed to have antlers in the first place and its main forms of attack are meant to be its fangs. Sabretain are supposed to be mysterious and very rare Pokémon, so the overall design is very “flowing” to give it an elegant appearance.

Please don’t use this artwork for anything. Thank you!

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