Amalthea Picture

A Minotaur OC. I gave her a greek name because minotaurs are often associated with their mythology.

That and The Last Unicorn...

She's a native of the Kelpie Islands, a former peninsula on the southwest coast of Equestria. At the start of it all, Equestria used to be a wild place, and everything that lived on the peninsula reflected that.

In time, the princesses arrived and along with them came their influence and laws. This had its effect, cramping the style of some of the natives, so most of the more avid trouble makers left, though the culture remained. Sea fairing Minotaur and ponies just aren't cut from the same cloth.

Several years later , roughly around the time Ponyville was founded, a massive storm terrorized the coast and cut the peninsula off from the mainland, effectively turning it into an island. With very minimal ways to communicate across the wake, the inhabitants of Kelpie island began to grow apart from the mainlanders resulting in a more independent minded folk. Another storm of that magnitude would not come again for another 115 years.

The Kelpie Island became a refuge for all sorts of riff raff. And at present in a way it still is, in a much more discreet way.

If you want a second start, no matter what you used to be, you went there, no one cared what you were or did. Naturally, unsavories gathered, criminals, lawyers, kidnappers, smugglers, poets, and pirates. Think of Tortuga in the 1600s.
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