'UMW' Nika Megalos Picture

Since "Ultimate Mythic Wrestling" got such a positive response in the poll I decided to dedicate a little time to designing at least some of the main characters. I've drawn some minotaurs before but I wanted a fresh start so I designed Nika here. I combined everything I liked about the previous designs and took a more "beastly" approach to it. This will most likely be one of the main characters of the series as the minotaur has always been one of my favorite mythological monsters.

"Ultimate Mythic Wrestling" will be an action oriented series rather than a fanservice oriented one. Not to say that there won't be any fan service as I will be drawing after all but with this one I definitely want to focus more on characters, story, and action. I'm actually looking forward to making a "sexy" version of a wendigo, and if you know what a wendigo is you know that will be a challenge. Look forward to a few more character designs in the coming weeks.


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