Mino-torment [M/M] Picture

Okay, full disclosure; the Minotaur (the original Greco-Roman mythological creature, more so than the more recent medieval Tauren-types) was one of my earliest crushes. No, really. As noted in my Artistic Journey, a lot of my initial interests in the male body weren't 100% human, part of my avoidance of "being" gay by lusting after a real man. Fantasy, in other words. Generally, the Minotaur was drawn as pretty massively built even in classic depictions, and there was at least one young-adult book referencing a ticklish Minotaur, so all the elements were there. And there were more than a few pictures attempted long before I was comfortable drawing humans.

So I had sorta begun to compose an image with a giant throwing a boulder, and ended up finishing it off this way. I'd already done a maze anyway, right? I sort of like the thought that the barrel-chested Minotaur probably can't see over his pecs, and can't actually tell what the hell is going on down there. He's sure pissed about it, though.

If you want something a little less furry, try the Giant version, kitelcat.deviantart.com/art/Fe…
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