Biker DJ Minotaur...thing... Picture

I have no name for him... maybe marvin? I don't know. I told someone I would make a minotaur DJ and instead I made an offspring of the Minotaur part timing as a DJ in some bars like the one he is at the back exit to. (yes that's his bike, you should feel shame when he rolls up) Hahaha now I need to make a Manticore biology teacher... Just something I think of when I look at my buddies art.

Amazing person that inspired this thing and possible Manticore teacher is this person. --> typhon--monster-king.deviantar…

I think the Minotaur is a teen too. I didn't think fully when I made him. Blarg to my random mythology indulgences. Also yes this offspring has a tail. I don't care I felt this one should. If that tail makes you so angry it pleases me.
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