Mythology - Part II Picture

All of these were hand-sprited using the NES palette.
So, this is sort of a "mock-up" of sprites that could be used in a game. (maybe called Mythology, I don't know)
So, the mythological creatures I included here are:

The Angel (cool blue-blonde hair, bruh)
The Devil (no, not Satan. Haven't you ever played Ghosts N' Goblins?)
The Succubus (she'd like to suck your bus... if ya know what I mean ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The Skeleton (tumblr's got this one covered)

Statues included here are:
Statue of the Medusa (she looked in the mirror, unfortunately)
Statue of the Cyclops (that giant eye got him into some trouble)
Statue of the Unicorn (nothing for this one ;---; )
Statue of the Pegasus (flew gracefully, died painfully)
Statue of the Alicorn (the offspring of the two most known horse variants)
Statue of the Centaur (he, unfortunately, was a peeping tom)
Statue of the Minotaur (that mayonnaise jar isn't the only thing to stop him)
Statue of the Angel (the poor hair God gave him got him killed)
Statue of the Devil (he was a peeping tom as well)
Statue of the Succubus (she was a peeping jane... welp)
Statue of the Skeleton (surprisingly, it's the only one that was manmade)

Each of these mythological creatures have 3 palettes and I chose to show the palettes that I feel best suit them.
You can't use these sprites. I have decided to make this either a game or game concept.
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