Centaur Picture

modern mythology created from genetic engineering. Im actually planning a whole series of these things. I'll make a minotaur next.

Patina done in Photoshop
7" x 10"

CLICK HERE to see my Centaur drawing that I later drew

I did this in late 06'. I never got it completed past the initial bronze stage.....no treatment of the surface, no patina, straight bronze.....exactly the way it looked out of the shell. The Patina you see here was done in Photoshop.

I wanted the piece to look rough like a sketch, so I made the wax figure fairly quickly ignoring a lot of minor details, but once the bronze was poured I kind of regreted not doing more. I should've worked on it a little more to refine the forms.

I'm gonna do another one in polymer clay when I get the time....
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