Minotaur and Triton Picture

Miredrinn (according to him it is a corrupt form of an ancient variant [Myrddin] to the name of "Merlin", which ultimately comes from a city name that means sea fortress) is a Minotaur.
Gustávos (whose meaning is staff of the geats [Geats being the people of Beowulf]) is a human-born that can transform into a Triton, thus he is an amphibian (as contradicting through two separate bios, lives of underwater and surface).

This scene have them resting, but never stopping to think on their next move. To resume their adventures, it would be easier to tell they're not allies or participate in common factions, they just happened to be partners in crime, for they both have death-threats from those which conspired to turn the Industrial Civilization not only speciesist, but human-hegemonic.

The Minotaur inherits treasure and secret power from ages ago, but he's certain no money can save him from the phobia his reveal can release. An important piece in the system before, the Minotaurs did serve as enforcers and brutal warriors, as well as regular workers to keep "weaker species" where they did belong (through traffic nd slavery, as well). Now that's not the case, for the feeble minded humans gain a big deal in the system.

The Triton has been earned the capability to change forms with the Kratozoa (an organic construct). The effecs of this also have him developing a conch that not only protects this organ (and then his power), but that has a sort of atmosphere and magnetism on its own, leaving for him power to interfere in nature. Good that is, he uses it to cleanse the land from trash, to stop devastation and to release locked animals.

Then we can imagine the Triton got more means to act when he met the Minotaur, who exchanged the treasure to a big deal of weapons and craft. The Triton acted, rose up and infiltrated in so-called social movements and gangs to distill from the moribund mass who was ready to stand for the environment. As cannon-fodders, they've been led many times to fight with their own circles, but the Triton has never let any of them fight for money - he himself burnt it cynically amidst his own country, which suffered a huge economical crisis. Such reckless posture wasn't left unchallenged.

In the end, the Triton has destroyed the very movements he was pursuing to participate, until he understood they were all but babble. So, the social revolution, the eco-war, could only come to fruition through the more unpredictable ways: a former slave-trader, a rich metalist. But their "deal" would be over soon, and Miredrinn should reveal his most cherished treasure (hidden in this box) to fight the Triton, so he couldn't stop him from escaping with the last of slaves.

Not supporter of ethnocide, neither slavery, the Triton planned and knew that the Minotaur and his power would go to bankrupt. But he would team up with him one more time, for he would rather see the humans' trades and system burn first, for it was what in first place let the Minotaur to live (and survive) with such shadow. Struggling against speciesism, the Triton would shake the very pillars of human modern society along the way.
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