contest one: Edward and the minotaur-asaurus Picture

this is part of sarahshirabuki8000.deviantart.… yearly contest, which is all based on her ocs in some mythologies around the globe (with my characters in between for fun)

in this case, Edward plays the part in theseus and is about to slay the minotaur in a labyrinth. i though a regular minotaur was a bit dull, so i found an ankylosaur called minotaurasaurus and made it a humanoid beast. alana is looking forward to teasing the beast, but finds out the odds are against her favor. good luck Edward.

it was either going to be alana as a bullfighter or noor playing around with the golden string that kept theseus from loosing his direction in the labyrinth in a yarn ball (it's also called the clue)
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