Minotaur Picture

this is the first (drawn second) of two drawings i'm scanning in right now. i'm returning to my mythological roots, so to speak, for these monsters, the monsters of Greek Mythology, they were what i enjoyed drawing, when i was younger. Now, with more skill under my belt, not much, but more, i've returned to draw them again.

both are pretty sketchy, and it seems i could have done a lot better on the penning, but i wasn't without a time limit, so i went pretty fast.
this picture took roughly half an hour to draw and pen, and maybe 40 minutes to touch up. see, i did it from my sketch book, so the scanning wasn't so sharp, making the work a lot more in quantity.

"Minotaur" isn't in our Websters Dictionary, which is like, a foot thick . . . maybe more. i don't understand it. . .

the coloring sucks, i know. and also, i messed up the horns. i did this thing a while ago, where your monster has one fine horn and one broken one, but i forgot completely about it, and now i'm thinking it'd have looked pretty cool. oh well.
i'd give it a C. it's acceptable, but not really up to what i wanted it to be.

i like the shading on the legs. i didn't think it'd come out, but it seems to be pretty decent. yay

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