Minotaur Picture

Ok, so like, how can i describe this in a way without rambling?
Firstly, it's to do with my uni project.
Mainly cos i never uploaded work when i was previously at uni xDD (to lazy)
Erm, right. My basis was "freak shows" and that pottered off into greek mythology (i'm being brief here cos i'll just go in and out of the whys and the why nots of things i've done...i had to do a presentation on this today so yeah..)
And what this boils down to is: the Minotaur must have been a child once right? (The main point of my project is to "redefine things into modern day..or w/e) So yes! I made him into a little child.
My feelings on this; right'o, moving onto the next.
Trust me. I know this description prob doesn't make that much sense. But i'm exhausted and posting this up cos i'm bored.
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