PE Mythology for kenderlein Picture

No one say she looks like Lara Croft. Please. Lara's not the only top-heavy chick allowed to wear tight clothes, boots and gun-hostler thingies on her thighs damnit.

Anyway. This is for the Private Exchange Mythology Exchange and is ~kenderlein's Estelle as a minotaur. If a guy minotaur has a bull's head and tail, then shouldn't a girl minotaur have a cow's? The basic idea was to imagine you're running through some labyrinth, you turn the corner, and there she is. She's just playing with you, so she's not even bothering with the big guns she usually uses.

The floor and back wall are pictures from Corbis that I edited to hell. Twas fun, really. Lots of tiling and skewing and distorting. If you don't know the story of the minotaur click this minotaur.html">[link]

Estelle Devereaux (c)
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