The Minotaur's Find Picture

My favorite mythological beast, the Minotaur. I should finish the pic and post it, but here's the unfinished scrap since I'm not sure if I'll ever get to finishing it. The Minotaur is based on a plush of mine named Kaz the Gay Pride Minotaur. The plush is so ugly it's adorable, and the eyes are down right sorrowful, other than the fact they are a bright pink color (hence Gay Pride). The Minotaur in this pic did not actually kill anyone but came across a trail of blood and is curiously examining, noticing that it smells similiar to a friend of his. I can't draw blood. Never really been into angst pictures. Also, next to Kaz, I also own another plush of Sobek named Sadist Sobek because of his black and red pleather outfit.
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