Gorgon and Minotaur Picture

After many years of concern over the so called "Heroes" trying to destroy them, a Gorgon and a Minotaur made a promise to one another to protect each other from danger. Over the course of several years, the two of them fall in love with one another. The Minotaur on a daily bases goes out with his club ax to get food for the both of them while the Gorgon protects their home.

Two of my favorite creatures from Greek Mythology has to be of course, the Gorgon and the Minotaur. i do like other creatures from the same mythology, but these two are at the top. Something i always thought about was, how do they reproduce? in the original mythologies for the two they were single gender creatures, Gorgons were women cursed by the Goddess Athena, the most notable was Medusa, and A single Minotaur was created after a woman mated with a magic white bull. But now both of them are races in several works of fiction and i know it could always be there are female Minotaur and there are Snake men that are a different breed, but what if they came together? what if they were compatible with one another, despite one being mammal and the other reptile, and they could have offspring? the females would be Gorgon while males would be Minotaur. but that's my thoughts on it
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