Legend of the Minotaur Picture

This is my entry for the Mythical Creatures Design a T-Shirt competition, done in Photoshop Elements 2 over....well I've been doing this design since the day the competition was announced! Loved every second of this and put in a great deal of effort, particularly the galleys on the back of the shirt.

I decided to go for an ancient Greek pottery design, with the labyrinthine rings around the Minotaur's face symbolising the labyrinth itself and the sword through the centre being Theseus's, which he used to slay the mighty beast. The floral patterns I found on a load of Greek pots that my parents brought back from Rhodes when they were on their honeymoon - for any guys out there that are afraid this is too girly, don't fret, as I found them on pots with manly hunks of warriors on them!!! The galleys took me FOREVER but I'm pleased with how they turned out. This part of the shirt symbolises the ship that Theseus set sail on to slay the Minotaur, where he told his father, the King, that he would hoist a white sail if he had survived the encounter or a black sail if he had been killed. Legend says that he ran off with the girl he loved instead, forgot to tell his crew to hoist the white sail (leaving the black apparently) and that his father saw the black sail and presumed him dead. So he committed suicide by throwing himself in the sea. Lovely ending, eh?

Anyway, if you like the design, think that you or anyone you know would wear it, or simply think that it would make a great T-Shirt, please vote for me as I worked really hard and would like to get at least a few votes!

Thank you and good luck to the other entrants!

PS: Apparently my first design didn't meet design standards so I removed the marble effect on the sleeves. Should be fine now. (I hope!)
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