Minotaur Pose Picture

And now here's a sketch I did of another boss character from the Rondo of Blood and Dracula X games. This time it's of the Minotaur, who is known in Greek mythology as a creature that is half man and half bull. In the Japanese language, the creature is called "Minotaurasu" and is even mentioned in the instruction manuals for the game as well as various online sources that give out information on the lesser enemies and the bosses of each game in the Castlevania series. This is actually an old sketch which I've been saving for quite a while now. But since I had just found it in one of my drawrs, I thought I'd post this for my friends and watchers to see.

In the Rondo of Blood and Dracula X games, the Minotaur is a boss character who the player must defeat to proceed to the next level. He often attacked with his axe with either slashing or stabbing attacks, and could even dig up rocks and debris to throw at the player. He could also attack by breathing out stone gas that momentarily turns the player to stone and leaves them open to attack, and he could also perform sort of a dashing attack in which he flies across the screen. But when he does this, the Minotaur temporarily gets half his body stuck in the wall, leaving him open to attack. He is a pretty tough boss to beat. But he's pretty easy to beat when you have possession of a sub weapon. Crosses, knives, holy water, ect.

In the 1997 Konami Playstation game, "Symphony of the Night", Lypuston (the werewolf) and the Minotaur work together as a team to gang up on the player. And they've been given a few new attacks in this particular game. The werewolf for instance has a more powerful charging attack, and the minotaur was given an uppercut. They can even gang up on the player by performing a double charging attack when the player gets in between them.

The pose I drew the minotaur in is based off of memory from one of his animation sprites. And as you can tell, this is my own memorization of his attack sprite with him about to use his axe. And I know we can't really see his tush since its covered in bushes, but I'm sure its a big one. Funny thing is much like Lypuston, he doesn't even have a tail.

Minotaur/Minotaorasu belongs to Konami.
Art and illustration by MDTartist83.
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