Minotaur Pottery Picture

Minotaur culture of Pottery Making

For thousands of years, pottery making has become one of the most important aspects of the Mino-Tyndarian culture. Minotaurs highly skilled pottery makers, their vases and pots are consider one of the most luxurious and well-crafted pottery throughout the world. Hardly nothing else can't beat the stunning beauty and crafted worked done by the Tyndarian Minotaurs of Tyndareus, their home island. But there is a story how it all started.

It is said that pottery making has started when the ancestors of minotaurs lived inside massive labyrinth caverns. During such dark times, they would scurried the complex labyrinth for food, and where even desperate enough to consumed the very dirt they walked on. It was then they discovered rich clay minerals deep within the cave, and feeling how soft and wet they where it sparked an creative idea to create something with it. Thus began the creation of vases, clay figurines, plates etc. The Minotaurs practice pottery as a way to coup with the sadness that has befell upon them within the dark labyrinth, they would make small figurines of themselves and tell stories to their children with the early spark of their imagination. They have even used clay to forged early weapons they can used to hunt for food. Clay making has also given them hope. Desiring to see the world outside the labyrinth they seek they way out from the complex maze that has kept them in the dark for so long. From there, they have made a change that would has changes the Minotaur race forever.

Even after they left the darkness of the labyrinth, the art of pottery making has stayed with for many years to come. The spark of agriculture gave new way to the Minotaur race that would make them one of the most culturally rich race throughout the whole world.
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