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Portals of Pamela:
Pamela & The Minotaur – Page 01

Poor Pamela…
Dropped through the Portals of Time and Space and left as a sacrifice to the vile beast, the Minotaur in his Labyrinthine lair. For a moment - just before the beast’s chains can snap letting the giant creature get her at last - Pamela thinks she has been saved... A god appears! But LO! it is Ares, and he likes the sport he has found. Instead of releasing the ravishing Pamela, he rips free some of her already tattered clothing and gives it to the Minotaur as a token... and as a tracking scent! What fate will befall Pamela next..?!

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Pen & Ink micron, 8x10, 2006
A little bit of fun between big projects I'm working on...
Inspired by the awesome panel work of
Entry for the ‘Mythological Maidens’ contest at:
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