Minotaur Picture

suddenly I can color in digital after using SAI. GET IT NAO. it's amazing.

yeah it's a minotaur as you can find in the greek mythology. If you want to figure out more about this, go to wikipedia: [link] I always tried to draw one that looked like from the video game Vagrant Story but that thing is maybe two times taller than a human... lol So I just stuck with a "traditional" minotaur.

I didn't intended to be too detailed on this one and decided to keep a rather sketchy look. that picture looks kinda like a mess anyway lol
It was quite fun to experiment around with the layers, like I used erase tool on the reflection/lighing on the armor, that makes the layer behind show through (hard to explain by words but you really should try it out yourself)

That drawing took me maybe up to 5 hours or something without the post correcting and stuff. I just started with sketching and it came out so well (better than I expected anyway). I'm so happy ;-; lol

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