Da'kainde and Minotaurus Picture

Leave it to Rachael [link] to put up a poll on Predator vs. *your choice of opponent*
Well, here's something to add to that esteemed poll: This is a drawing that was begun in late Summer '05 and finally completed earlier this week. My lovely friends have their own title for this: 'Predator vs. One of the Wild Things' Profuse apologies to M. Sendak and Greek mythology!

Ever the opportunistic hunter, Da'kainde, or 'Hard Knife,' is always alert for worthy sport; in this case, he takes on King Minos's pet, but the minotaur seems to be at a disadvantage, plus they're not in the labyrinth.

Hard Knife also takes pride in showing off his skills with the different edged weapons from the various alien races he has encountered. The weapon he holds in his clawed hand is the kopis, an ancient Greek weapon that was quite devastating when used in close, hand to hand combat.

Watercolor over black ink, 11"x14" The scanning was a bit difficult, argh!

Predator © 20th C. Fox
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