Reliving Myths: The Fall of Icarus Picture

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“I did die. But I knew I was mortal. It was the sun, Dae,” Icarus’ eyes revealed a deep longing as he spoke. “The sun was so beautiful. I fell instantly and irrevocably in love.”

Dae wiped away the tear on Icarus’ cheek with a soft, pastel blue tissue. His face was so unhidden, so genuine, and clear, that his tears made her throat tighten. After several seconds, she found her voice again, but just enough to mouth once more the obvious fact that the boy had died.

Icarus smiled faintly now, what Dae decided was an attractive slant of mouth. He gently took the mask from Dae’s lap and held it up to his own face. It suddenly seemed to shine, completed, radiant, and phoenix-like.

“There are worse things to die for, than chasing after what stirs your very soul.”


This drawing is done in prismacolor pencils and micron pen, on 8.5 x 11 inch bristol board. I was not very good at keeping track of the hours, but I would estimate between 8-12. It is part of my Reliving Myths series, where I take a myth and explore it through various mediums, such as fiction, drawings, jewelry pieces, masks, and more.

To follow me along in the process of creating my art and to read the whole story excerpted above, you can visit my Wordpress blog Lily Lion Labyrinth here!

Please note that the faint images on the bottom of the picture are a watermark!

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