Teen Wolf -Stiles and the bestiary Picture

Yep, even Stiles has his limits.

Yes, I have fallen for the trap that is Teen Wolf. What? I have a weakness for supernatural horror shows. I know what you are thinking. "But it's on MTV. Isn't it like Twilight?" No, it's less Twilight and more 80's monster movies like An American Werewolf in London, Lost Boys and Fright Night. Heck, even some Monster Squad. Which I all love.

So, if you like those movies, give the show a try. It starts off more teen drama but by the end of the first season it has its horror roots firmly planted.

Anyway, the joke here has to do with Stiles having discovered a bestiary, a book of monsters and myths about them, and his friend Scott and Scott's girlfriend, Alison, mistaking the word bestiary for bestiality. And poor Stiles having to correct them.

Thing is, if you know anything about mythology, bestiality does exist in myths. It's practically paved with it. For example, you have the Minotaur born when Mino’s wife became pregnant by Poseidon’s sacred bull. Then there’s Zeus in the disguise of a swan having a go at Queen Leda. (She laid eggs afterward. Eggs.) The one tumblr probably knows best is Loki and Sleipnir. Loki turned into a young mare in order to lure Svadilfari, a stallion, from working. Well, long story short. The lure worked and Loki gave birth to Sleiplnir. An eight legged horse.

So, as smart as he is, Stiles should not be shocked that a book about myths should be so XXX Animal rated. Though, in the end I have to agree with him. Yuck.

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