Ariadne-Part 1 Picture

This is what I do when I'm bored. I make my characters at various points in their stories. So yep, this is Ariadne at the beginning and towards the middle of her story. The first outfit is Ariadne at the very beginning after the prologue. At this point, she is ever under her father's somewhat paranoid watchful gaze and is the Mistress of the Labyrinth. While her father, King Minos, may be going mad, he still recognizes that his daughter is clever, more so than her sisters and therefore feels he must watch her more and make more use of her. Poor Ariadne isn't too fond of this arrangement. The second is a little later on after Ariadne sees Theseus and, upon discovering he is a demigod, sees him as her chance to escape her father's madness. She starts to learn how lie to her father (though she feels very guilty about it) and manages to aid Theseus in his task of killing the Minotaur and leaves with him with her younger sister, Phaedra in tow. And the third one here is Ariadne aboard the ship, feeling rather unwelcome as most of the Athenians will not speak to her as she is Minos's daughter. And since Theseus has agreed to marry Ariadne, he believes they may as well consummate the marriage. Ariadne, however, refuses as she does not wish to give up her body until the marriage is official so as not to have her purity questioned. In my version of the story, Ariadne doesn't truly love Theseus at any point. She more sees him as a way to freedom, or at least a life away from her father and thinks it possible that she could grow to love him in time. And if she is married to Theseus, then it makes it all the harder for Minos to reclaim her should he decide to pursue her. Though Theseus continuously becomes harder and harder to deal with and keep his wandering hands at bay.

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