Dead Among Living 9 Picture

Page nine of twelve. Maybe I should mention that the Danish cartoonist Sussi Bech and her books about Nofret have been a great inspiration for me when I have drawn the backgrounds for this comic. Especially her book Nofret – Den sidste Minos that actually takes place in Minoan Crete. I totally loved those comics as a teenager, since I was very interested in ancient cultures even then.

This page brings up a subject that I’m thinking of quite often. Adjustment. All people need to adjust (more or less) to the demands of society, but there is a point when you’re just doing what everybody else want you to do, when your struggle to be ”normal” only results in false images of yourself. All my antisocial characters face that dilemma. Should they prioritize to be true to themselves or try to make people like them?

Hades pretty much considers himself to be a freak, but he doesn’t do much to make other people like him, since he is very bad at pretending.
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