Sailor Galadiators Picture

More SM doodles spawned from news of the new SM series slated to be released a year from now, summer 2013. Like many moonies, I couldn't help imagining what might be altered in this new series. Naturally, this led to imagining what I myself would tweak about the original story.

Personally, i've always wanted to see more of the Silver Millenium. As it is an Ancient Era with some roots in Greek mythology, I found myself thinking about the armour the past senshi would have worn. I mean, what sense would it make for them to have worn variations of a modern Japanese school girl uniform? Thus these doodles were born.

1) Venus. As the leader of the soldiers, she has the most experience fighting. She's comfortable enough with her swordsmanship that she wears her hair down, as if to dare someone to attempt to come close enough to swipe at her locks. Originally, I had a chain in her other hand. Suffice to say, I couldn't get the chain to look anything other than crudtastic. Hence the lack of chain. Her helmet features wings for no better reason than I thought they looked cute. I suppose you could tie the wings into Greek mythology, citing them as representation of the wings of cupid.(also, I don't know why but I keep making Mina's head bigger than everyone else's. Consistancy? What is this concept of which you speak?)
2)Jupiter. I have always imagined that the people of Jupiter would be amongst the strongest peoples of the Milkyway galaxy. Jumbo sized planet for jumbo sized people right? Anywho, I gave Jupiter an axe because I see her as more of a brawler than a tactical fighter. She's strong enough to get away with simplistic technique and surprisingly fast for a woman of her size. She sports a trojan-esque helmet, featuring the hair of some sort of animal native to Jupiter.
3) Mars. Unlike Venus, Mars opts to braid her hair in order to keep it away from her face and line of sight. She also lets her toga hang down as the fabric might interfer with the fluditiy of her shots. You can bet that she lights those arrows on fire. Also, he helmet looks very Scarlet Witchy. This wasn't intended, but I suppose it's what happens when you draw SM doodles while watching the Superhero Squad Show.
4) Mercury. She's the least physical of the bunch, opting to use her considerable talents in strategy in planning instead of brute force. She does however carry a weapon and does go through training with the rest of her team. I gave her a staff because it would help keep stronger opponents away from her body, allowing her to fight at a safe distance. She is also very gifted in medicine. Her helmet is mean to look like an owl's head.
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