The Star Picture

Brief Description: A pale and beautiful Elven woman, her eyes completely white, she holds in her left had a pitcher pouring out a stream of clear blue water. In her right hand she holds a many pointed star, it glows into the night sky behind her, she's in a desert landscape.

Symbolism and Mythology: This is Morwel otherwise known as the "Queen of Stars", she is the queen of the Azure court, the Elven pantheon. She resides on the Blue moon Moonthar with the rest of her court, they are mercurial and move around never residing in one place for too long, they move at the queens whim. The worshippers of the Azure court are typically elves, but they don't reject followers from other races. The main ideal of the court is freedom, especially freedom from oppression. Morwels specific influence is magic, so followers who are interested in natural magic or elven magic tend to honor her specifically. There are tales that the moons rays are still paths to the moon kingdom and if you look in the right elven sanctuaries you can travel there.

Symbolism on this page is pretty simple, the desert is symbolic of both loneliness and freedom of others, it is a reminder that following only your own rules can be a lonely path. The water flowing is for hope and potential as well as purity. The star and it's glow represent inspiration and creativity. Overall this is a very powerful and positive card.

Meaning: Hope, potential fulfillment, endless possibilities, unexpected help, dreaminess, destiny, fate of the soul.

Reverse Meaning: Self Doubt, illness in the mind (lunacy) or body, rigidity of mind, pessimism, deceived or false hope, error in judgement, disappointment.

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