The Dragon - Ran Picture

The Dragon powerful, mystical, awe inspiring. You can say a lot of neat things about dragons. They are probably one of the neatest things in the entire world that never existed. According to Chinese folklore, the dragons are the keepers of the rain and masters of all watery domains. Powerful, elemental forces rather then the western version of the scaly monster. Which is not to put down our good friends the Wyverns, Drakes and Wyrms. Winged fire breathing monsters are equally impressive and the Asian Dragons aren't exactly nice customers either.

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Presenting Ran for the first time. Ran is the name of a Norse water goddess, similar to Rhea of Greek mythology in that people don't talk about her much. An appropriate name for a powerful master of the waters like this lovely dragon-lady here. She looks cheerful enough here, but her mood is a mercurial as the oceans and since the waters of the world bow to her whims, her mood and the mood of the ocean might as well be the same thing.
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