Lara Picture

Lara is named after the nymph in Roman Mythology, who was famous for her beauty but was unable to keep secrets resulting in her revealing to Jupiter's wife, Juno, his affair with Juturna (another nymph). For her betrayal, Jupiter ordered Mercury to take her to the Underworld but Mercury fell in love with her on the way and they had two children. This little dragon seems to have learnt from her mythological counterpart and will keep all your secrets safe.

Lara, like most dragons, enjoys collecting shiny things to decorate her body and wings. She has a pretty glass beads, pearls and a moonstone in her wings and black onyx beads for eyes. She and all her little dragon friends have moonstones somewhere about their person. When I was very little I read a book about a little dragon like Ember. When the little dragon was put next to some moonstones he ate them and turned into a a real dragon who flew away to that place far away where dragons live. So make sure you watch out for those moonstones going missing, you don't want a giant fire-breathing dragon on your hands!

She is just under 3 inches heigh and 2.5 inches wide. She has a hole between her wings for threading things through so she would make a beautiful focal bead, keyring, phone charm or other hanging thingies. She could also have a pin attached to her back so you can wear her on your jacket or other pinable item.

If you like Lara she is available to purchase now from my etsy store: [link]

With thanks to CF Originals for being my muse.
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