Sitting Ganym3de Picture

Say hello to Ganym3de! He's a cyborg prototype for Mercury Messenger Systems, but something definately went wrong. No, not the fact that he's part horse with wings. That's normal since he's going to be introduced into a futuristic anthro rpg. Gany's very happy-go-lucky, and very naive. That critter on his arm is creepy, isn't it? I haven't named it yet, but it was built (or should I say put-together randomly) by Gany and he loves it dearly. The legs of Gany are poorly-drawn, I know. I wanted to draw him standing up but I ran out of space because I drew his head to far from the top. X{ I don't like his outfit, except for the upper-half of his shirt. It was funny...he didn't look like a horse really until I added a small blaze between his eyes. Go figure. The symbol in the upper-right corner is his company's, and you can also see it on his side. His name is the name of the mortal youth Ganymede in Roman mythology...or maybe it was Greek, I don't remember. Anyway, Zeus took the form of an eagle and spirited away Ganymede because he thought he was so darn cute. He made him his personal servent and...boy-toy (which is how Roman mythology explains homosexuality, interestingly enough).
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