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The one on the left is me, the other is ReignOfSkill. For those of you interested, I am wearing a helmet similar to the one worn by Hermes/Mercury in Greek/Roman mythology, as well as platebody, platelegs, and boots made of Dragon metal, an enchanted amulet, a Skillcape of Cooking, signifying my level 99 cooking (no mean feat), and the Godsword.

Oh crap, I'm meant to be writing about myself, aren't I?

As you may be able to tell from my deviations and favourites, I am an avid gamer, my favourite games being RuneScape, Portal, and Dungeons & Dragons. I graduated high school last year, and hope to get into dentistry at university. I am a devoted Catholic, and my life was recently (in the scale of my entire life) improved massively as a result. When I try something new, I am either excellent or terrible at it.
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