Hermes Picture

So, I realized I haven't made any t-shirt designs in a while.

So, I realized I haven't sold one in quite a while.

So, I realized that maybe it ought to be time to try my hand at them again.

This is the first version of a 3-part (and perhaps more depending on overall interest) series of related pieces relating to Greek mythology. Some may (but probably don't) remember the t-shirt design I made a while ago. [link]
Well somebody said it looked sort of like a crest so it gave me the idea to create some actual ones, combining my love of mythology with some graffiti-styled sensibility.

The first one in the series is Hermes, god of thieves, messengers, liars, diplomacy, travel, and my favorite of the Greek gods. I decided to do his first because let's be honest, if Greek gods were still worshipped today, you can bet your ass graffiti artists would be praying to him constantly.
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