This was stuffed inside one of my music books for some reason, and I remembered something…. GOOD HEAVENS!!! IT’S MY FIRST EVER DRAWING OF HADES!!!! *you can guess which one he is* It’s from 2006, just when I was sprinkling the Greek gods into my manga Godz Today. At the time, the series was in comic strip format. Hades was a token minority character *all the Greek gods were, but he was mega minor* but now he’s a lead character. I dare you to compare this Hades with this recent Hades chibi!!! *guy on the left* [link]

The “New Roman Dude” with two faces is a guy named Janus. He is the Roman god of gates and new beginnings, and guarded the gates of the Roman version Mount Olympus. In Godz Today he showed up during the “Roman Invasion” and is constantly trying to convert everyone to doing it the Roman way. He also calls them by their Roman names instead of their Greek ones. This was supposed to be his debut comic, though I’d drawn him several times before. I can discuss him another time, since he’s always been a favorite of mine.
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