Armies of the Hollow Ones 2 Picture

Scandalous Screen
Captive Audience
The initial appearance of the Director caused several people who attended the premier of his movie to be captured by the enraged wraith. Where they went is uncertain. Some speculate it was the abandoned MDM studio lots, some even say they were pulled right into one of Sliverscream’s movies. Regardless of where they went, when the people returned, they were not happy or very human afterward. Restrained and put in chains, given popcorn, and force to act as unwilling enslaved warriors/actors in Walter's next smash hit, "The End of Humanity" staring largest cast ever seen in movies to date, the whole of the human race.
Camera Operator
Camera operators or cameramen are the overlooked and under appreciated crew members on set. These faceless men have likely the most important job, for without them to capture every moment, every feeling, every action or in most cases, every scream; well the movie would just fall apart. However as important as their job is, they are still the faceless crew, the simple cameramen sadly expendable.
Murder of Paparazzi Crows
One of the most major drawbacks of a famous life is the lack of privacy and the thousands of peering eyes of the paparazzi. Beware, every embarrassing movement, every faux pa, each blunder, all of you're mistakes, missteps even one hair out of place and the Paparazzi swarm over you like a flock of insidious birds. These avian wraiths are no different. They lurk around every backallay, in all the dumpsters, in shadowed car parks, trying to glimpse whatever information from you they can. The problem comes in when only a very small number of these vulture are given to such subtle tack, instead most are in you're face grilling you, pressuring you to leak some vital tid bit.
People have often commented on the "Magic of the Movies", the special effects, costumes, music. Editors play an important role in the production of a film. They have to make sure there are no mistakes, have to correct fault, splice scenes together. If anything they are responsible for the "Magic" in the movies. So it is no surprise to see that the film, sound, and scene editors are the crew's spellcasters. They can freeze time, speed it up, "edit" you to speak in another tongue, edit your tongue out. The Editors are only make sure that you fit into the film perfectly, even if that means slicing your scene into several pieces to make it fit, they will do it.
Talentless Whacks
If a movie was a human being, then actors are its senses. They can touch our hearts, move us with their words, and frighten us with a costume and character. But sadly sometimes Hollywood can claim the lives of some of the more "susceptible" person's. The dark sins and vices of drugs, drink, sex such overwhelming intoxication and desires. Whatever your poison you'll find it in the Hills.
Shadowy Board of MDM Studio EXEC's
After his "comeback" at the movie theater, Walter Sliverscream went and systematically slaughtered the Executive Board of the Studio he worked for. MDM Studios, standing for "Murder, Destruction and Mayhem”. It was the largest, most prolific horror studio of its time. The studio is most renowned turning out classic monster movies, slasher flicks and thrilling suspense one right after the other. It was obvious that with his family’s money Walter should get into the best studio for his choice of genre. The Board knew from the start Walter would be a flop but their hands we're tied, well more likely busy with the amount of money Walter's parents contributed to the Studio. After Walter's death and the runaway success of "A Love to Die For", Walter's family went into seclusion, and wanted nothing to do with the movie nor its profits. His parents believed it was the Shadowy Board of MDM Studio Executives that we're in fact responsible for his death. However, with no overwhelming proof of such a conspiracy the police could do nothing about the baffling death of Walter Sliverson. The Board was not too upset however, his movie and untimely death made them all rich beyond any of previous movies made at the MDM studios could gross. The Board continued to run the Studio well into their old age. Some members did pass on of natural causes, some decided to leave and pursue other ventures. It must have been quite a shock to find, at their palatial estates, their lavished offices, or their swanky nightclubs, was the "man" whom had many each of them their fortune. Before killing them he would utter but one word..."Guilty". Walter Sliverscream was though merciful in his own sick, demented way. After he had found and killed all the original Board members, even all the new members for good measure he brought them back from death, in a twisting mess of shadows and darkness. A single ghost that contains the collective spirits of all the Board members. Wailing in their despair Walter decides it would be fitting if Board members once again served him in death as his loyal and collective adviser. The Board now is completely unrecognizable, just empty eyed shadows of their former selves, stripped of vanity, stripped of power and wealth. They work as a collective mind now, assisting Walter in ideas for his new movies.
The Director, Walter Silverscream
The pictures are not an easy job to break into. A young up and coming film student decides he is going to be a big time Hollywood director. During the Golden Age of the Sliver scene, many people broke out and became stars. Both actors and behind the scenes people got to see their name in lights. Young Walter chooses horror movies as his forte. "Attack of the Ravenous Cockroaches", "The Thing That Came Out Of The Sewer", "The Woman with 4 Eyes", just to name of few of his biggest flops. Unfortunately for Walter, who is backed by his wealthy parents cannot seem to catch a break or make anything worthy of praise. He begins to become enraged on the set, takes it out on the talent, the crew anyone within ear shot of his bullhorn. Some of his writers propose a new idea, a new genre. A love story, Walter doesn't care for it but he is getting desperate, the studio he works for is threatening to shut him down unless he produces a hit. So Walter, he really can't stand the script, wants to put his own personal touch on it. He begins filming, all is going well, but something seems to be wrong on set. Strange things occur; people get sick, accident happen frequently. Walt couldn't care less; he has a picture to make. Things get worse when some of the crew started to dying. They’d die from accidents or mysterious illness. Regardless of the circumstances Walter finishes his picture. Puts out the trailers, the reviews for it are not good. People were already ostracizing it before it even hits theaters. The night of the big opening for his latest movie draws in a large crowd nevertheless. Walter is sitting up in his hotel suite, waiting to go to the theater across the street for the premier. There is a knock at the door and a low voice saying Telegram. Surprised, Walter goes to the door and finds no person there but a note on the floor with a package next to it. He takes it into his hotel room, and locks the door. It is then, when from the ground below the hotel hears a bang, followed by a loud crash, the next thing people see is a shape falling from the sky and it smashes down on top of the leading actor’s limo. The actor having already gotten out and going to the primer. People gather around and are horrified by what they see. There on the wrecked car lies the mangled body of none other than Walter Sliverson. Clutched in his hand is a smoking gun and what appear to be tears in his eyes, mixed with blood. On examination of his body it appears free of gunshot wounds. The police go up to his hotel suite and break down the locked door. On the floor lies a letter and an open box. On the letter reads, "You're a Failure, Decide". His bed is covered with blood, and the bathroom sink is also filled with blood. DNA proved it was the blood of the Actress whom starred opposite from the leading man, the man whose car Walter fell on. The actress’s body is nowhere to be found and she never turns up, alive or dead. The truly sad thing is that Walter's movie becomes a smash hit, "A Love to Die For", love story about a man who loses his wife but she returns to him as a ghost, startled and enthralled audiences. Walter died, in his mind, a disgrace, a joke and a "failure". A month after the incident, the hotel he was staying in was destroyed. A fire tore through the building, even though it could have been easily saved, it was nevertheless slated for demolition. The hotel lot goes untouched by developers. Only the parts of the building remain as rumble. In the center of the lot, a bits of brick, and mortar have been fashioned into a makeshift grave. Rubble lays around that was said to come from the room in which Walter jumped from. On the grave in red paint, the graffiti on the rubble reads but one word..."Failure". Nobody hangs out around the lot, which has been thus dubbed as "Lot Sliverscream". Kids don’t disobey their parents to drink beer on the lot. No organized or disorganized gangs roam the lot, setting it up as their headquarters. Not even city vagrants will use it for shelter, even though the ruined walls could protect them from the elements more than any other location around. Not even animals dwell on it. Just the plants, the vines and moss grow over the decay. The theater cross the street also lays abandoned. Only the faint sounds of a film can sometimes be heard playing. Even the posters to "A Love to Die For" hang molding inside. The show title reads the same pictures that played there. On the 80 year anniversary of the death of Walter Sliverson, the theater was cleaned up, doors opened and "A Love to Die For" plays again for one night only. Fresh popcorn is made and ushers are dressed in traditional garb walk through the aisles. It's a packed house; everyone eagerly waits for the projectors to clang to life. The movie begins, a thunderous roar of applause, then silence, as people enjoy the show. The calm is broken by scream from the projection booth. The audience believes it is only to heighten the experience. Until they hear a bang and loud crash, almost like glass breaking and a gunshot. A shadow appears on the screen. This isn't part of the movie. The screen rips open and out comes a slightly dust covered Walter Sliverscream. His face covered by a mask, he wields a camera which appears to be attached to his right eye, film is wrapped around his body, and he has bull horn in his free hand. He laughs out loud and then puts the bullhorn to wear his mouth would be and blows out a single word, "FAILURE!”. The noise is deafening, glass shatters around the theatre, flames blow out from the hole of projection booth and people run and scream for the exits. Several people get trampled but survive, only to be wrapped up by the tendrils of film flowing from Walter Sliverscream. Then they vanish from existence, those few witness this event say they saw those peoples images on the film as it pulled back to The Director. The failed Director is back, and he is going to produce a new picture. One to really "Die For".
Special Effects Technician
Movies nowadays seem to be nothing but special effects and CGI. Back in the day, large sets would built and destroyed if they wanted to get a good explosion. They were limited by technology but nevertheless those technicians of the day did their best to make it work. Now with all the crazy new things they can do in film, the special effects technicians are restricted only by their imagination...and budget. These men now are a horrifying force of supernature. They're ascension into wraith form has made them into shape shifters; they can take near limitless number of forms, sometimes at the same time giving them a hideous appearance. As with living Special effects techs, these monstrous versions can control how a "scene" plays out, after which it is up to the Editors to perfect it before it goes into production.
The Producer, Malcolm Collins
After the death of Walter Sliverson, there was several wild rumors and crazed conspiracy theories about him, his movie and the Producer. Some say it was the Board of MDM Studios that had a hand in Walters’s demise, some say he took his own life; the wildest rumour however was that he was killed by some unseen evil force that is known to cause chaos during the filming, production and creation of movies. The force in question is also linked to several superstitions of the theater as well. The most notorious is the curse of the Scottish play, Macbeth. However there is that one rumor that still persists to this every day about the occult practices of the producer, Malcolm Collins and that what he did somehow lead to the Director's end. Malcolm was a very reclusive character in his life. He was largely unknown until he supplied a large finical backing to "A Love to Die For". He and Walter became fast friends and we're even seen outside the studio in casual circumstances, going to parties and alike. What was most shocking about Malcolm was the fact he was the youngest producer of the time, a mere 26 years old. Nobody really knows even how Malcolm managed to front Walter the cash for his movie and in the history of Hollywood Malcolm Collins is merely mentioned but never at great length as if he didn’t even exist. A figment or strange enigma that has never been explained.

Mystic Isle
Arthurian Fantasy Roleplayers
Fantasy Roleplaying(RPing) has always seemed very much a nerd's/geek's hobby. Those whom think that...would not be far from wrong. The excitement of battling a dragon, exploring dark caves for treasure, finding your +3 to dexterity vest, all but some of the fascinating things these people love. However you can only roll your 8 sided die for so long before you become board of the whole affair. Found all the treasure, slayed on the beasts, rescued the princess, however, what if you we're offered the chance to go on a real quest? With magical powers and real steel blades not foam ones. Those longing for an actual adventure were lured by a whispering of an old wizened voice. To venture into a shadowy wood that seemed to have materialized out of thin air. They were lulled in by Merlin and promised powers beyond imagination, warrior-like skills, fantasy, riches, treasures, even a maiden or two. All this and more if they pledged their allegiance to the vile Sage. Of course the temptation of riches, not to mention wenches were all just enough to convert several dorks into following the Wraith without pause. Powers they were given yes, as well as the wraith's disease. They now fight with poisoned mind, with sword in one hand and wand in the other. They do seem to be enjoying it, much more then exciting then rolling a 20.
Sisters of Avalon
Scholars, mystics, bow-women, and teachers, the worldly Sisters of Avalon are to the medieval world as the fierce Amazonians women are to mythology. They were strong willed and unbent by misogynistic views of the time. They are pretty much the first female activists, driven to learn, to teach and not ruled strictly under men. They're empowered by the "pagan" gods of the old world, forgotten deities.
Spriggans are a type of Cornish faery. Generally they are mischievous creatures, and consumet thieves. Stealing treasure, and sometimes acting as it's body guard. They could ruin farms if offended or sometimes stole children and left a changeling it it's place. The Sage's Spyriggan are much more disciplined creatures then their common, unwraithlike cousins. Being creatures of nature, they can blend into trees and other greenery, trying to glimpse bits of conversation, pick up important details to report back to their master. The downside to these is their natural roots in fact. Sometimes the call of nature can overpower, drive the creatures to madness dispute their training. Nature isn't pleased one of it's children are being corrupted for such an evil purpose. A mad, Spyriggan is a dangerous Spyriggan. They can unpredictable change size, charge wildly at whatever is near. Most times when they "catch" Naturalistic Chaos as the Cult calls it, they only choice is to destroy the creature and try and make another to replace it. "Infected" wraiths can infect others with the same madness making it far to much of a potential risk to keep around.
Dark Lady of the Lake (class 7)
The Lady of the lake was a pivotal character in Arthurian legends; one of the roles she is reported to take was that of giving the great king, the powerful Excalibur sword. However the Lady of the Lake changed, when Arthur died...she became a vessel of hatred. Soon after her death, causes unknown, the mystic isle of Avalon seemed to fade away, darken, and eventually seem to die. Merlin calls on the aid of the Lady upon his creation or return. She comes wielding a broken blade of legend, the once fable sword of the King is now tainted. The sword is now called Discalibur
Arthurian Sage, Merlin the Wicked (Class 8)
King Arthur's mystic adviser and teacher. Though many believe that the character of Merlin was only a myth and he as a person never really existed. While this may be true or not the cult is still unaware of how this wraith came into existence of its own. It is possible that residual dark energies of a bygone creature, encumbered with the bloody history of England and the simple notion of Merlin, somehow created this specter. In short, the Arthurian Sage is in fact a though-formed entity, not a traditional wraith as well knows. Regardless of whatever this wraith is Merlin or not, his mastery of sorcery and knowledge of arcane trumps all others Wraiths. With his immense magical powers he is a danger all that would stand in his way. It is fortunate for the Cult however; he has become a loyal Cult member and pledged his service to the Wraith Queen. It is likely that he sees her as Arthur’s consort, the lovely Guinevere. Merlin, like other wraiths has begun construction of his own private army of wraiths. An arsenal of warriors specialized to his character. All his army have one key factor which sets them apart from other armies. His army does not just have one spellcaster class, no; as a matter of fact all of his warriors are specially adapted at magic. His only warriors not proficient with magic are the Forgotten Knights of Camelot, as they fall under the specialized Warrior Wraith category which by nature lacks the superior magical abilities as other classes.
Fae of Morgaine
It is said that before the appearance of Merlin, another Arthurian character was seen roaming the woods and highlands of England, the antagonist and sister of King Arthur, Morgan Le Fay. However rumours soon stopped sometime around the time when Merlin first appeared. It is possible that both wraiths fought for control of the Island and Merlin won and thus destroyed Morgan. It seems likely to be the case as he has acquired wraith-like faeries said to be companions of Morgaine herself. Do not let the wispy and petite nature fool you, the Fae of Morgaine are wickedly cunning. They can change their size at will; most often staying no bigger than a foot high. It makes them harder to attack and allows them to work their crafty magics on their foes. The Fae specialize in forest sorcery, plant growth or fairy fire. Their attacks, while not particularly damaging on their own, but in large numbers they can deal massive damage, if anything it poses as a distraction for another unit to close in and destroy the foe.
Dragons of Aeons
The dragon is the most popular beast appearing in Arthurian legend. Giant, flying, fierce, fire breathing, farmer-eating, damsel-stealing reptiles. These particular dragons seem to have lived during the times of the fabled King Arthur. When the king died, the dragons went into a deep slumber. There return from their sleep was likely triggered by the Sage’s reappearance, as the sage once again “walked” this world many long dead and ancient things arose from their slumber too. Creatures, not of wraith origins, had started increasing in numbers; such beasts as Spriggans, Bogarts, Redcaps, even things lost to human legend and myth. It seems that the Sage's return set of a mystic ripple affect across much of the British Isles. Who knows what other primordial forces have been awoken. Perhaps the Sage is the most dangerous wraith after all, for who knows what this magical anomaly will do to the very fabric of reality.
Forgotten Knights of Camelot
It seems that after King Arthur met his end at the hands of his half brother Mordred, his knights of the round table also suffered greatly. They became forgotten echoes as Camelot slowly disappeared from history and reappeared as only a legend and myth. Merlin the Sage seems to have found the lost souls of those knights lingering in the ruins of the old castles and forts dotting on the English country side. The sage decided to bring these Forgotten Knights of Camelot with him and use them to as his most elite warriors. The knight's wraiths still retaining their fierce battle skills and abilities. They are the only unit in Merlin's army whom have no magical abilities.
The Grail Bearer, Galahad

Unlawful West
High Stakes Gambler
The days of the old west have not yet ended for several liked minded peoples. Some still abide by the Code of the West, with a colt strapped to their hip at all times. However along with the heroes of the west, also come the villains. These are outlaws and bandits, those only seeking a quick buck, without having to work too hard for it. Razor cards, doesn't gamble for chips, money, cigarettes, they only gambles with lives.
These man and woman have decided to get behind the Gunslinger Reaper who plans on turning back the clock, bringing the whole world to how things used to be; a lawless place, a Westerns Delight as it was. These criminals have nothing left to lose so they fight alongside their hollow comrades and say "Well at least it is better than hiding out in the mountains".
Unthinkable Prospect-ors
There's more then gold in them thar hills. The gold rush brought out humanity's intense greed and lust for money. As well it formed in many a deep sense of jealousy which often lead to violence. Sometimes the old codgers looking to shift out a few nuggets of wealth were left bloodied and broken in the waters. Sometimes, they themselves were the ones doing bloodying. These gold greedy ghosts were created from all the hate, all of the negativity and pain that the gold rush wrought. Armed with pickaxes, large satchels of gold, and shovels, these weaker wraiths form the front line arsenal of the Gunslingers' forces.
Turncoat Bank Tellers
In the west on of the most dangerous professions(besides perhaps sheriff, was that of a bank teller. When the rowdy and often murderous gang of banditos, rolled into town their first stop(besides hassling the local saloon) would be the bank to make and "unlawful withdrawal". Normally these bank tellers we're left unharmed as long as they cooperated. However that was not the case sometimes. Human bravado is such a deadly thing. Many in the early banking industry lost their lives protecting someone else's money. There was on some occasions no need for an armed stick up at the bank. Especially if the bank teller works for the gang in question. Yes, these unassuming clerks were in on the heist from the very beginning. Sadly though when the game is up, and there own partners sale them down the river. It's not the lead of a robber's bullet that puts them down, but the rope of the hangman's noose that holds them high.
Storm Callers
Most times, natives were at odds with the pioneers of the old west. There were some moments of peace and prosperity but it was always short lived. The native Americans were a mystic and profound people, tapped into the very nature of the land. Rain dancers and shamen held in great regard, could harness the very elements. These twisted version of once proud magicians, now bring only ranging storms and violent thunders. Able to call down precise bolts of lightning and piercing winds, even acid rain. Of course it takes tremendous effort to coax the weather to your own whim and as these shamen are affronts to nature, it can prove even more challenging. Still you must always be wary, if you find yourself in the middle of a storm, its far easier to control what is already string.
Marshals of Blind Justice
The sheriff of a town was sometimes it's sole protector, from crime and hooliganism. The badge held these men in a higher regard. Sadly not all of these men were as selfless as one might see in the movies. Sometimes they were just as corrupt and evil as the people they are allegedly protecting you from. They often say justice is blind that is very true for these lawmen. To them, everyone is guilty of something. Armed with powerful rifles they seek out and destroy any and all the lawless dogs they come across. Their rifles are enchanted, each shot fired has a chance of causing some even more devastating effects then a magic bullet wound. From firing a buckshot, spraying everything with shrapnel, to firing a cannon ball itself, let's just say you don't want to be looking down the barrel of this gun.
Sharpshooting Saloon Matron, Jezebel Willowsley
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