Tin the Star Goddess Picture

Other names: Tala, María Cristina Estelita, Tinang, Lita

Likes: Evenings and dawns, travel, food, ube, outdoor activities, animals, concerts, anything new, gadgets.

Dislikes: Monotony, alcohol, being told what to do, rainy days, being broke, being fat, chaos.

Ancient Filipinos worshipped her as the deity in charge of the stars. Now spends her days hopping to the latest food place, party scene, or travel hotspot. A very mercurial and somewhat carefree young woman, she cannot stand being in once place for too long or any repetitive activity. May seem to be a scatterbrain as she shifts interests so quickly, but is quite organised and at times even calculating.

Sometimes dispenses profound advice that she rarely follows. Has a knack for knowing what will happen next, or at least the general outcome of a situation.

A free spirit, she enjoys travelling and has been all over the Philippines. Loves flora and fauna, especially local ones. Revels in activities such as hiking, surfing, rappelling, zip lining, and running. Eats like there's no tomorrow given her high metabolism, but cannot drink to save her life. Quite trendy and tech-savvy, she insists on spending for the latest phone to use in her travels.

Goes by the name Tin, but older people know her more as Lita, and was known for centuries as Tinang. Hates being called Cris.

Lives...wherever she feels like it, but most often crashes with her mother-figure Mayi.

Is perpetually broke.

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