I'll - Hermes Picture


“[…] It was not so long after the two first fights that the darkness was to cover the town once more. Shadows always were and always would be. Parts of the human mind; repressed feelings of hatred and dread; shadows would thrive every time someone would defeat them. As they gathered, the group had been warn that the signs would be obvious; a strong shadow would appear led by the suppressed feelings of someone with a strong will. This shadow would disrupt normal life; the night would remain permanent, the time itself stopping. A wide area would cover itself in the most gruesome shadows and thoughts until the source, the darkness itself, would be removed… […]”

“[…] The silence. The silence that always come after a long fight… Jim did not know how to accept these feelings, to accept what was standing in front of him. Mark had fought his shadow, guided by Ben’s fire and now that the shadow was defeated, all that remained was the silence following the darkness. It was not dawn, it was not acceptance… carrying the burden of the silence, of the empty words and thoughts. That’s what he always did, after all. He accepted the evoker, given to him by a party on his side, rose up the barrel and on his head shot the weapon. A winged demon, a winged spirit of poets, appeared before him. He, who in his mythology would carry the news; the pregnancy, the victories, but also the sicknesses and death; he, who could feel the winds and taste the skies; the carrier of words; Hermes. […]”

Weapon: Spears
Arcana: The Wheel of Fortune X
E: Strength: Wind
E. Weaknesses: Cold

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