Jefimus' top 30 Marvel Superheroes Picture

Since This is The year I'll turn the big 3 0 I make this countdown of my top 30 favorite Marvel Superheroes

Honorable Mentions
Dr. Strange
Ghost Rider
The Punisher
Scarlet Witch

30 Daredevil: Real Name Matt Murdock, First Appearance: Daredevil #1 (Apr. 1964) This superhero is unique for being a blind ninja. Credited as the man without fear, he was blinded by a radioactive substance as a boy, Matt Murdock in exchange acquired heightened sonar-like senses. A lawyer by day, by night he uses his gift to protect the citizens of Hell’s Kitchen from the scumbags who regularly slip through the cracks of the justice system. Daredevil suffers from his heroic quest more than almost any character, but he always picks himself up again and resumes the fight. Maybe his next film will do a better job of capturing that appeal.

29. Iceman: Real Name Bobby Drake First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963) I already talked about why Iceman is one of my favorite X-men. He just that too cool for school. Despite his own personal issues, Iceman has been an X-Man almost his entire life. As with the best students, Bobby's time at Xavier's is about more than just The Dream -- it's about his own personal journey, one that sees him continuing to learn and grow.

28. The Vision Real Name: None
First Appearance: Avengers Vol. 1 #57 The Vision is the ultimate example of technology’s sterile heart: synthozoid, created by the Avengers’ deadliest foe, Ultron. Vision would eventually find inspiration from the team and turn against his creator. Upon learning that he is being voted onto the team, the Vision showed his very human side by shedding tears of joy (and they say robots can’t show emotions). Virtually indestructible, the Vision has been an important member of the team who can tap into the computers of Avengers Mansion to access files on villains and assist with tactical strategy.he may be a man or a would be husband trapped in the body of a computer, but he’s a tortured android that would make Isaac Asimov himself proud.

27. Hawkeye: Real Name: Clint Barton
First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #57 (Sept. 1964) It takes a special kind of hero to parade around in blue and purple and battle deadly villains with nothing more than a satchel of arrows and pull it off successfully, Meet Hawkeye. He had to leave us for a time to be truly appreciated but This reformed criminal fought along side gods, defeated omnipotent cosmic entities and led Earths mightiest heroes-using nothing but his wits and reckless attitude. He knows better than most the value of redemption and a second chance. And after a temporary death and brief turn to darkness, Hawkeye is once again the fun-loving archer we all know and love.

26. Nightcrawler: Real Name Kurt Wagner,
Nightcrawler is a study in contradictions. He's a mutant with the appearance of a demon and the heart of a preacher. He's a highly skilled warrior who prefers peace and the company of good friends. While freakish and scary in appearance the German-born hero Nightcrawler has remained one of the most popular X-Men and is still introspective, thoughtful and possessing a deep religious faith.

25. Luke Cage: Carl Lucas
First Appearance: Hero for Hire #1 (June 1972) Street Fighter like tough guy Luke Cage rose to prominence in a time when black superheroes were finally becoming more prevalent. And if Cage was nothing more than a gaudily-dressed relic of the '70s with a cute catch phrase, we'd still remember him fondly. Transferring his steel hard skin, urban sensibilities and fists of steel to life as a New Avenger Cage has proven he can rumble in places other than the concrete jungle. Now a family man (with partner Jessica Jones), Avenger, and leader of the Thunderbolts, Cage embodies much of what we love about Marvel's heroes. Sweet Christmas, indeed.

24. Beast:
Name Dr. Hank McCoy First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963): Though he looks like blue furry mutant monster that could rip you apart but he speaks like a university teacher Beast is one of the original five X-Men and still one of the most popular. He may seem like the thinking man's super hero but Beast is a witty and highly intelligent addition to any book. But perhaps the true appeal of the character rests in his self-loathing and heartfelt desire to lead a normal life free of bigotry and prejudice. Beast embodies everything about the mutant struggle in the Marvel Universe.

23. Blade: Real Name: Eric Brooks
Marvel has a rich history of monster-themed stories. Blade is the most iconic hero to spring from that period. You know the drill – this vampire hunter has all of his enemy's strengths and none of their weaknesses, and he's dedicated his life to exterminating them. Blade is never fueled by the tragic past that spawned his half vampire existence, he just dedicates his life to taking the un out of the undead. In Hollywood Wesley Snipps was the only man who could bring Blade to life.

22. Colossus: Pitor Rasputin
First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1 Almost to the X-men what the Thing is to the Fantastic Four
Piotr Rasputin originally wanted was to come to America and be a celebrated artist. As an X-man Colossus has dedicated to upholding peace between Mutants and humans He is the perfect contrast. In battle, he is the strongest X-Man, a brute force few can withstand, Even going toe to foe with heavy hitters like Juggernaut and Protus.

21. Rocket Raccoon Real Name: Rocket Raccoon First Appearance:
Marvel Preview #7 (1976) I know a talking gun toting raccoon has no place in the marvel universe but That means nothing to Rocket Raccoon An expert marksman with a penchant for large weaponry, he's a genetically enhanced Raccoon from the planet half world and is the last of his kind. After being captured by the Kree, He protects the colony as a ranger, and currently explores the realm outside of Halfworld as an interplanetary explorer and a member of the Guardians of the galaxy.

Invisible Woman: Real Name Susan Richards First appearance: Fantastic Four #1 (Nov. 1961): The Fantastic Four are nothing if not a dysfunctional family, and they need someone to hold that family together. That someone tends to be Susan Richards. Wife the Fantastic Four's leader Mr. Fantastic and arguably the most powerful member of the team thanks to her control over force fields, Sue is also the most grounded. She's pulled her family members' asses out of the fire time and time again. Strong but loving, loyal but independent, only her powers are transparent and they'll have to be.

Ms Marvel Real Name Carol Danvers First Appearance Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (March 1968) Nearly Marvel's answer to Wonder Woman Carol Danvers has power – a great deal of it. She’s able to absorb energy and discharge it. It works specially when who have bad guys like Ultron and Kang the Conqueror cramping your style. When she joined the team for a second time, shortly after the Avengers returned after being swept away to an alternate Earth, Carol was hitting the sauce pretty hard especially when Rogue stole her powers that one time and was experimented on by the brood and embarrassed herself something terrible. After a short leave to get her act together, she’s worked hard to prove her worth as a heroine and an Avenger. Upon the conclusion of the Superhero Civil War, her dedication to becoming the best heroine she can led her to being chosen by Tony Stark to lead the Mighty Avengers. And even aided Luke Cages team when Norman Osborn took over the initiative. Now Carol is the new Captain Marvel

Black Widow: Real Name Natashia Rominov First appearance Tales of Suspense #52 (Apr. 1964) To Quote Spike Spiegal "I love a woman who can kick my ass." And The Black Widow can do just that . Natasha Romanova is a Soviet super-spy/heroic avenger, a top-notch athlete and gymnast as well as expert in the Martial arts and special weapons. Now I asked what the Black widow can’t do. Daredevil, Hawkeye Iron Man and many others have fallen under the spell of the most dangerous woman in Soviet espionage.

Elektra: Real Name: Elektra Natchios First Appearance: Daredevil # 1980 Once upon a time the term “Greek Ninja” sounded like an oxymoron. That is until Miss Nachious came on the scene, Stealing Daredevil heart while trying to balance her mercenary life style before dying and coming back to life and die again just like Kenny McCormick and every single character in the Dragonball saga.

Phoenix: Jean Grey First Appearance: X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963) She may spend long periods dead or missing, but Jean Grey exerts an influence on the X-Men franchise few can rival. One of the founding members of the team, Jean has been there since the first battle with Magneto. Her tragic turn as Dark Phoenix led to the deaths of billions, including her own, an act that still haunts her friends. In a universe where self-worth is almost exclusive judged on power level, Jean held her humanity so dear she was willing to give up everything she loved. The strong-willed redhead is an integral part of the X-Men's legacy.

Shadowcat: Real Name Kitty Pryde First Appearance The Uncanny X-Men #129 (Jan. 1980)
X-Men writers have often found it useful to introduce younger teen recruits to offset the experienced members of the team. Kitty Pryde set the standard when she debuted, and none have surpassed her. Fans have watched Kitty grow from young neophyte to skilled X-Man and proven unstoppable heroine over the years. Kitty made the ultimate sacrifice at the end of Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men, and now her fans have been given the best gift of all – she's back.

14. Tigra: Real Name Greer Nelson First Appearance: as The Cat: Claws of the Cat #1 (November, 1972) as Tigra: Giant-Size Creatures #1 (July, 1974) Whoa women covered from head to toe in orange fur with black stripes are most likely to be disqualified from the east German Olympics no offense to the Avengers resident catgirl Tigra. This underrated Avenger started out as a cop and a costumed crimefighter called the cat thanks to treatments that took her to peak human levels and as if she wasn't already catty enough Greer was wounded her mentor Dr. Tumolo offered to save her life by bonding her soul with one of Cat People. Reborn as Tigra she was with both east coast and west coast versions of the Avengers and a member of the champions. Becoming a leading character in the Avengers Academy and a mommy. Despite all this this sexy pounces her way into fan boys hearts, Tigra’s uniquely exotic feline charms makes her a furry object of desire.

Storm: Real Name Ororo Munore First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975) In an industry full of Damsels in distress Storm imposing persona has always been a welcome, unifying element of the X-family. Her ability to manipulate and harness the weather makes her one of the most powerful mutants on Earth. But power like that comes at a great cost. Storm lives every day in a state of carefully maintained composure.Too much stress could be deadly for everyone around her. Fans have seen Storm as a thief, an X-Man, a fighter, and even a queen. Through it all, she remains one of the most relatable mutant heroes.

12. She-hulk Real Name: Jennifer Walters
First appearance: The Savage She-Hulk #1 (Feb. 1980) What better then a woman who can kick my ass? A green Amazonian who can kick my ass and send me flying into a car window, and slap me with a tricky discrimination suit. That's where The She hulk comes in. Jen Walters inherited her cousin Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk's awesome strength and power to mutate thanks to an emergency blood transfusion. But the difference is she controls her transformations and retains her intelligence therefore. Where Hulk is merely an outlet for Bruce Banner's rage and pain, She-Hulk is pure liberation for the geeky, mousy Jennifer Walters. From beating up the bad guys in battle put’em away in court and looking good doing it This gamma gal has an impressive track record in comics, which brings me the question? When are we gonna see her in the movies?

11. Psylocke: Real Name: Besty Baddrock First Appearance:
New Mutants Annual #2 Back to the subject of badass women who can kick my ass this mutant former British maiden can do that and render me a vegetable. Psylocke's consciousness was merged with a ninja this forming as can best be described, a psionic assassin, though she is reluctant to kill. Psylocke in fact, briefly lead the X-Men and fought aside Wolverine and Deadpool in the Uncanny X-Force. She may not have Wolverine's combat skills, but this psychic ninja's powers and abilities make her one of the most formidable warriors to ever wear the x

10. Thing Real Name: Ben Grimm First appearance:
Fantastic Four #1 (Nov. 1961) While the Fantastic Four team and its members are all iconic, I’ve decided to single out the greatest thing, pun intended. Where his three companions were better off for their exposure to cosmic rays, The Thing was plagued by a rocky transformation in addition to his strength boost. But despite his unusual outward appearance, Ben Grimm retains a noble soul and a positive outlook on life. You won't find an Avenger or X-Man anywhere with a bad thing to say about The Thing. But though he has friends galore, The Thing will always remain lonely and isolated underneath. Nonetheless, Aunt Petunia’s Favorite nephew maintains a sunny disposition (well, most of the time) as the heart and soul of Marvel’s premier team. Whether he’s dealing with the short end of the cosmic ray stick or just some pesky supervillains, for Ben Grimm it’s clobbering time.

9. Deadpool: Real Name Wade Wilson
First Appearance: The New Mutants #98 (Feb. 1991) All the heroes here are badass, we'll they have to be but what about a badass that's silly? that's where Deadpool comes in. Originally a villain this anti-hero is a one of a kind character. This disfigured gun for hire no doubt owes his popularity to his unique sense of humor and unstable behavior, giving him the nickname of the ‘Merc with a Mouth.’ Wade Wilson is also one of the few characters to regularly break the fourth wall, addressing the reader directly. His humor is a coping mechanism that masks a deeply sad and lonely man. Now, more than ever, Deadpool seeks the validation that comes from being a superhero. His fans are all too happy to follow his quest wherever it takes him.

8. Black Panther: Real Name: T'Challia First Appearance: Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966) The ruler of the African Nation of Wakanda
Black Panther could be called Marvel's Batman. Not because they have the same silhouette, but because he too is a man of immense resources and a fierce will that pushes him to be the best at what he does. But he's more of the Political officeholder we all wish we had: a man who can beat up someone once he’s exhausted from all reasonable means of diplomacy. Just call him The King of Badass…

7. Professor X Real Name: Professor Charlies Xaiver
First Appearance: X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963) Without Charles Xavier, there would be no X-Men. Xavier's dream of a world with human/mutant cooperation has driven him to seek out and train the brightest young mutants. Despite being confined to a wheelchair Charles Xaviar’s telepathic powers have made him one of the most powerful mutants and one of the most formidable soldiers in the war against prejudice. He seeks peace but knows that the only option is to prepare for war. Xavier is not without his flaws, however, and as time has passed he's found himself no longer at the forefront of the human/mutant debate. But with his vast wealth and determination to seek a better tomorrow, Xavier will always have his place among the X-Men.

6. Hulk: Real Name Bruce Banner, First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962) Anyone who has ever felt rage at the world around him can identify with Marvel's equivalent of doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The product of a lab accident, Bruce Banner has to keep his cool at all times, or otherwise he becomes this raging creature of limitless strength that likes to smash things. Because of this Banner has spent years on the run with villains both human and monstrous attempting to bring him in. What they always tend to forget, though, is that Hulk is the strongest one there is. Luckily for the ordinary citizens of the Marvel U., his heroic streak remains no matter what form he takes, whether He’s gray, or green, or smart or dumb, conniving and benevolent both permanently combined and temporarily separated a hero a monster a warrior a king and hell even a tyrannical dictator from a post apocalyptic future reality.

5. Thor: Real Name: Thor Odionson First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83 (Aug. 1962) One of the most famous characters in classic mythology is also a superhero who gets his power from being an actual frickin’ Thunder God! A warrior prince of the land of Asgard and a god among men, renowned across the Nine Worlds for his fury and skill in battle. After a sistanded ego trip and time on midgard the hammer wielding royal immortal truly learned what it means to be a hero. Thor is now a champion of humans as well as gods who took it upon himself to defend Earth from such threats as his half-brother Loki. Exploiting the richness of Norse mythology to create a hero unlike any other, And if that causes tension as both worlds exert their pull on him, Thor will always remain loyal to both.

4. Captain America: Real Name Steve Rogers
First Appearance: Captain America Comics #1 (Mar. 1941) You won’t find a more patriotic hero in Marvel’s lineup then Steve Rodgers, a man so proud to be a defender of American ideals that his chest practically looks ready to burst. When he calls, every hero listens. This has been the case ever since scrawny Steve Rodgers was given the equivalent of a Tosh.0 “Web Redemption” during Operation: Rebirth in World War II. Best known for his invincible shield, Rogers took on the Red Skull before crashing into the arctic and becoming a Popsicle for several decades. When discovered, he got a warm reception and was made the leader of the Avengers. Cause why be led by a god when you can let America take charge. Captain America might not have the power-set of someone like Superman, but that doesn’t stop him from defending his home till his last dying breath. In a nutshell, Captain America is the alpha and omega of inspiration in the Marvel Universe.

3. Spider-Man: Real Name Peter Parker
First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962) Peter Parker is the everyman. He’s the common, average, middle-of-the-road guy that just happens to be endowed with amazing powers when he’s bitten by a radioactive spider. Despite Spidey’s fantastic abilities, Peter Parker still has to deal with the woes of middle-class living. Girl problems, making ends meet, keeping his family together, getting through school; all the tropes of our everyday normal lives lived out through the eyes of a superhero. Peter Parker is unique amongst the cabal of top tier superheroes. He’s often been seen as genuinely at fault for the death of friends or family. Even his origin story, where he allowed a criminal to go free out of selfishness, resulted in the death of his Uncle Ben. This heavy guilt never eased up on Peter throughout all of his days, and he spent his life trying to make amends for his actions, all while dealing with some bad guy trying to disembowel him with ether metal tentacles or pumpkin bombs. Despite these tragedies Spider-Man remains one of the most snarky and fun heroes in existence. His cheesy banter during combat is always appreciated, and he’s able to make light of even the most dire of situations. There’s never a dull moment when ol’ webhead is around, and there’s something to be said for an icon that doesn’t take himself too seriously.

2. Wolverine: Real Name James "Logan" Howlett
First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #180 (Oct. 1974) There are countless fantastic X-Men heroes. However the most iconic and popular of among them is an unapologetic Canadian named Logan, this regenerating immortal with retractable Adamantium Claws has seen inexplicable amounts of popularity throughout the years. Wolverine is ever the busy fellow, but there's a reason for that. The appeal behind the X-men’s shortest member is that he fights bad guy with bad guy rules but underneath that nasty nature of his Wolverine is a warrior with a samurai like code of honor. But his toughest challenges aren’t supervillains like Sabertooth or Magneto but his inner beast, it’s never easy with a mutant healing factor, throw him in a room full of thugs who will pummel him remorselessly and he go to Berserker rage mode and they’ll be a bloody mess. This seemingly immortal mutant has seen enough loss and suffering to fill several lifetimes. Endless superhero adventures merely keep him focused on the present and not the past. His unshaven look and abrasive persona ensured that he has remained the ultimate badass of the Marvel universe.

1. Iron Man
Real Name Tony Stark First Appearance Tales of Suspense #39 (Mar. 1963) You probably figured this out by now. No hero has benefited from the current superhero movie craze more than Iron Man. Starting out a weapons manufacturer, This billionaire playboy philanthropist had a change of heart after he suffered a severe injury and was kidnapped, but escaped certain death by building an advanced suit of armor. Iron Man is science unleashed, but that's not necessarily where the appeal of the character lies. Using his know how, he builds incredible suits of armor that he uses to protect the world, both solo and as a major player in the Avengers. But despite his good looks and life of luxury, Stark is a deeply troubled man. Plagued by self-loathing and even a latent death wish, he's dedicated his life to keeping the world safe building a more peaceful and honest legacy for the Stark name. both solo and as a major player in the Avengers.
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