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Expanding the Scarlet Speedsuit's Rogues Gallery

left to right:
Blacksmith, Grodd, Trickster.

Blacksmith: Amunet Kajiya

Mechanokinetic; can control and construct mechanical and technological devices with her mind out of existing ones or material, can also fuse mechanical devices with human anatomy in the same manner.

Amunet Kajiya is a wealthy socialite based in Kanameishi City. Her family left her with an upstanding social status, as well as an obscene amount of unpaid bills. Unbeknownst to the general public, she has been running and operating "the Network," an underground black market in Chuuoutokai Province and Kanameishi City, the twin cities, to keep the creditors at bay and maintain her family's prestige. The Network is a black market for criminals to buy, sell, or move high tech contraband. Her Husband, Kinomo Keikoku, had no idea that his wife was running a criminal organization to hide the fact that her family had squandered all of their wealth. Kinomo came from a poor upbringing and hustled his way up the social ladder, but he maintained his affiliations with those from his checkered past. Kinomo was able to acquire the status that came with marrying a debutante, but he still had to maintain a criminal lifestyle to keep up the appearance of affluence. Secretly joining a demonic ninja cult, the Kamen no Shikai (Society of False Faces). After the high priest of the Society, Tsuyagoto Kouin; sole witness to the Bible of Sin, deemed he had proven himself worthy (having made the required sacrifice), Kinomo was given one of the Onimen (demon masks) of Giji-Omote; The Midas Mask, taking the name Goldface. At some point thereafter, Amunet would make the acquaintance of Issouku Tanaka when he was desperate for money. With his help, there was a proliferation of hyper technology originating from Project: Kinesis on the black market, and with Amunet (using the alias, Blacksmith)the exclusive broker to acquire hyper tech, The Network had become more lucrative than ever. A hyper crime-wave started in their city, and the newly devised Hyper Crime Division was tasked with stopping them. The team consisted of Tina McGee, Julio Mendez, Rei Tanaka and Hunter Zolomon, working alongside handpicked detectives and officers led by Lt. Nicholas Pike. Both thought they were marrying their way out of their problems, but when the truth that they were both broke came out, they quickly divorced(both with hopes on snagging a new meal-ticket). When they divorced, Amunet stole an elixir that her ex had been holding for the Kamen no Shikai. She had her techs alter the formula, but when the followers of the Society raided The Shop to retrieve the elixir, she swallowed it to get rid of the evidence. She gained the ability to merge metal with flesh and shape it to her will. Her clients were now using the hyper tech not just for weapons to commit heists, they were now becoming super-villains to contend with the likes of the Justice League. She was able to keep the Network hidden from the authorities and if any villain reformed or quit crime, she made sure the memories of the Network were erased from their minds. When her ex-husband and criminal profiler Hunter Zolomon were about to find out about the Network, she sent the Trickster to stop them. Soon, with a vision of power, Blacksmith planned out her takeover of the twin cities, with her as the leader.

-Kin(gold), omo(face); keikoku(canyon) = Keith Kenyon

-Kajiya = Old Japanese for "blacksmith"

- The Shop, is where Blacksmith upgrades her clients vehicles and weapons with Hyper-technology, and later themselves with her special brand of "body-work".

- Kanameishi - Keystone

- Tsuyagoto Kouin = Black Mask

- Red-Rum-18 came up with the idea for the False Face Society. He also came up with Black Mask. I decided to add other masked villains to the group and came up with the name, Kamen no Shikai . Giji-Omote was his idea as well.

- Giji-Omote (False Face), is a Lovecraftian demon that embodies the evil that hides in the hearts of all men. He resides in one of the Hell Realms, known as Zaur-Ehn-Xar, where the subconscious of mortal-kind, the parts of ourselves we keep bottled up, has taken material form.

- Other members of the Kamen no Shikai include: Black Mask(Tohil Mask), Murmur( Koshin Mask), Psycho Pirate(Medusa Mask), Charlie C.(Caligula Mask), Professor Pyg(Chort Mask), and the Terrible Trio; Shark(Mako Mask), Fox(Vulpis Mask), and Vulture(Nasr Mask).

- Using Psycho Pirate's, Medusa Mask as a starting point, I named the other Onimen Masks after mythological figures of different cultures.

- people who have been outfitted with vehicles powered with black market hyper technology are; The Dark Riders, Johnny Rancid, Roxy Rocket, Overdrive, Steamroller, and Ding Dong Daddy.

Gorilla Grodd:

Darkstar fragment empowered hyper-intelligence and telepathy

On an alternate earth, a meteor crashed into the planet and fatefully collided with one of the hidden Darkstar Orbs that were hidden beneath the planet's surface for centuries. the resulting impact released a shockwave of energy which selectively wiped out the dominant lifeform on the planet...namely, humans. This had happened once before on the planet (as Darkstar Orbs travel in pairs) during the cretaceous period. a side effect of the energies released which killed off the human population evolved the remaining animal species. generations later, the anthropomorphic animals thrived in a civilization much like the humans before them. However, there was a movement of Primate Supremacy spearheaded by a gorilla named Grod. He was influential to the gorillas opting against animal integration and started Gorilla City. Gorilla City declared war against the rest of the populace of the planet who would not recognize their dominance. It would later be discovered that Grod had come into contact with a fragment of the destroyed Darkstar Orb which unlocked hidden powers within him. These powers included drastically increasing his intelligence and mental abilities granting him the ability to arm Gorilla City with technology far beyond the rest of the world, and telepathic skills to influence the minds of others. The citizens of Gorilla City were challenged by others who had come into contact with Darkstar fragments, they were The Global Captains of Zoology. After officially forming the Global Captains of Zoology, they take on Gorilla City where all of the United Nations had failed to. In the battle, the entire city is seemingly vaporized, but really transported to another earth. When the citizens realized Grod's manipulation had left them stranded on an alien world, they banished him from the city and cloaked it to prevent it from happening again. Captured by famed teen hunting expert, James William Glenmorgan III, Grod winds up in a zoo where he is taunted by the Flash, who is there to investigate the weird recent animal attacks, since his nephew, Nishimaru was there on a school trip. Grod subsequently has his plans foiled by Flash as well, when he escapes and tries to take over his city...leading to the ongoing hatred. After Nishimaru, as Zoom and his uncle Flash bust up the Hyper Crime syndicate, Flash takes a vacation leaving Zoom in charge of patrolling the city. Two ousted members of The Captains of Industry; Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold decide to team up with the deadly Mirror Mistress and Grod, to go on a mega crime spree. Zoom's speedsuit mentor shows up in his Mercury prototype hypersuit to give his grandson a hand restoring order to their city.

- Grod's mental abilities are less effective on non primates. However, the higher the level of intellect, the more effective his abilities are. Normal gorillas have a tendency to override his mental suggestion with primal instinct, unlike the advanced gorillas from his world. Humans fall somewhere in-between.

- Grod will cross paths with Khongo, unaware that he is the same hunter that placed him in the zoo.

- I would like to have a gorilla centric storyline which includes; Grod, Khongo, Titano, Mallah-San, the Gorilla Ronin, and The Satori (Ultra-Humanite).

Trickster: Heyeohkah

Immortal; precursor to shaman- Nature attunement to multiple elements

Heyeohkah (pronounced 'heyoka') is the younger brother of the immortal, Esa (Wolf), and although he is irresponsible and socially inappropriate, he was the respected benefactor of humans, responsible for such important deeds as teaching them the arts of civilization, and helping to shape the world for their benefit. When the humans offended their gods by disobeying them , inadvertently allowing an ancient enemy, The Nalusa Falaya (Shadow People); dark creatures entry into the earth realm, the Anaasází (Indian gods) decided to abandon mankind to the fruits of their folly. Heyeohkah, however could not abandon mankind to extinction for the simple fact of being foolish(something he could relate to), and felt that they needed some measure of protection against the coming assault. He was forbidden from assisting them by his brother, who spoke for all of their ilk, and used his legendary cunning to allow mortals access to the elements for their own protection and survival. Heyeohkah snuck into the Great Hall and stole the Gourd of Nokomis (which contained the essence of Mother Nature), when he was supposed to be carrying out a secret mission that was key to a major offensive against their ancient enemy. When Esa realized what was transpiring, he sent Mayuk, the Bear; Nenabozho, the Rabbit; Ko-icto, the Puma, and Yhel, the Raven to retrieve the Gourd. Heyeohkah used his Coyote form to elude his kin, as he tried to get the gourd to his mortal friend. While engaging the retrieval squad, they were all set upon by the shadow warriors. Esa abandoned his post to save his brother from the enemy, only to watch as the Gourd of Nokomis fell to the earth and shattered. The energies within dispersed throughout the planet. With the ultimate weapon lost, Esa had no recourse but to make a great sacrifice to stop the enemy incursion. He also sought to meet out his foolish brother's punishment as a result, Heyeohkah would be forever banished on Earth, separated from his true power and his kind. He had lost a connection to his more powerful abilities, but as time passed, he would learn that the elemental energies of Nokomis could be gathered in order for him to access shadows of his former abilities.

-Although Heyeohkah resents mankind for the loss of his family and power, due to his brother's sacrifice, he feels the need to ensure that mankind stays on course of righteousness...but enjoys some schadenfreude in the process.

- the word Anaasází is Navajo for "Ancient Ones" or "Ancient Enemy'' or "ancestor of our enemy".

- Nacholecho, the Tarantula; sided with the Nalusa Falaya against the Anaasází, and for his treachery was imprisoned in the World Where Spirits Dwell...until he tricked John Longshadow into impeding the ascent of a passing spirit and hitched a ride with it back to earth.

- Like the classic archetype, Trickster is foolish and other times wise. He can be a hero in one tale and a villain in the next. bringing clarity through deception, he provokes laughter in distressing situations of despair and provokes fear and chaos when people feel complacent and overly secure, to keep them from taking themselves too seriously or believing they are more powerful than they are.

- Trickster likes to pull pranks on people, but is just as often the victim of tricks and misfortunes.

-the majority of shaman have an attunement to only one element. It is a rare event for one to be born with an attunement to two elements. Toshio Eto; The Samurai, has an attunement to four elements. Zenjiro; The Tempest will be the first attempt to acquire an attunement with all seven elements.

- After hundreds of years training, Heyeohkah has learned to harness his limited access to elemental energies utilizing the same techniques that shaman use. The difference being, he is the only living mortal capable of utilizing multiple elements in conjunction.

- Trickster uses; the air element to literally walk on air, the water element to alter his appearance. he can also combine earth, water, and a third element to construct small balls of clay that explode with the contained third element on contact.

- Heyeohkah doesn't age, but he can be killed.

- I was influenced by the stories of Coyote, Prometheus, and Wan, the First Avatar

- I tried to incorporate the colors of the comic version into this design

- The Nalusa Falaya are responsible for the destruction of Shumisen, home of the Avalerion Raptors.

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