mirmillo (AAAAAAAAAAAA) Picture

holy fuck fuck this anatomy lmfao
I sorta just wanted to use some new brushes lol
I don’t rlly love it but im proud ay I put some effort into a pic for once

anyhoo guess who got rlly into roman shit
well i like ancient greek+roman history & mythology but suddenly y'know like a spike of inspiration for no apparent COUGH COUGH esp. for gladiators HOO
uhhhh this fucking thing is p much off this pic


fucking brutal & violent but... u gotta admit kinda hot, like there is a reason why even women married to senators eloped off w/them even tho they are technically slaves/outcasts lol
there's also grafitti which praised them like "oh celadus the heart throb & sigh of girls, all girls fall into ur arms" etc.

anyways bc instead of paying attention in class i researched gladiators so here's a summarised word dump for u but also for me bc i'll end up forgetting it eventually rip
idk if info is right as usual bc fucking history is crazy, esp older history orz

originates from etruscans, gladiators fight at funerals to show like WOAHH power over death or smth
but i guess also just at shows/dinners & there's like recounts of how blood splatters on the tables where ppl are eating & everyone's like "whoooo"

they are usually slaves who are sent to gladitorial school (ludus) which is p brutal, discipline is very harsh
they get locked in cells around the uhhh training ring thingy
there's like even a hierarchy-- the retiarius bc he's usually a skinny guy w/barely armour & seen as "effeminate" is a lowly rank & even within retiarii there are ranks between those who wear loincloth > wear tunic (bc gasp even more effeminate)

they’re considered super dangerous slaves
but they are technically infamis, aka ppl who mmm are free people??? im not 100% sure, but they have a loss of legal protection or smth
so like they can’t rlly testify or can be subjected to slave type punishments & it’s ok to kill em etc.
if they good they can officially be freed & not slaves anymore
but ofc there were freemen who volunteers & they were the most skilled ones, like even emperor commodus loved doing gladiator shit

they were essentially billionaire celebrities & everyone loved them even if infamis lol
after a match i think they get laurel crown & prize money
they're seen as like.. dangerous, hot sex symbols, POWER over death etc. etc. & like brides would get their hair parted by a spear of a defeated gladiator for fertility or women used gladiator sweat as eau de toilette or dipped their hair pins in gladiator blood
like MAN they were crazy for gladiators lmfaoo

there's the bestiarius who is supposed to fight against wild animals & shit tho he's technically usually slaves or prisoners etc.
it was the venatores who were the professional animal killers
tho i guess killing animals was fun too
bc emperor commodus is secutor bc he liked fighting the retiarii who didnt wear helmets, so he liked to see them being scared

but anyways, he like, killed 100 lions in one day, killed 2 elephants in another, killed a giraffe (ppl were sorta like :^O why, the poor long horse)
another time he beheaded an ostrich & showed the head to like some senators like "ur next bich" but they were either scared or found it funny bc they all chewed vigorously on laurel leaves lol
but it's cause of them romans' thirst for killing animals that like, elephants became extinct in north africa & lions extinct within europe & mid-east & hippos extinct from Egypt

but tho ppl didn’t mind when animals weren’t killed
like they hated when elephants were killed bc they big & gentle & clever :”( & one time they just sat & watched crocs in a water ditch like a zoo like OOOOO

god there’s also this guy carpophorus & he’s a venatore but he was also good at training animals
& one time he put uhh female giraffe stuff on women (slaves & homeless) & got male giraffes to rape them just to yknow ~emulate ancient mythological stories like jupiter fcuking women as a swan or horse or shit

there's up to 26 different classes of gladiators, each w/own specialties- armour, weaponry & tactics
it's important to pit gladiators with each other so that there isn't a wide imbalance of power
e.g. the retiarius often fought the secutor (chaser) as the retiarius had barely any armour but was quick vs. the slow heavy-armoured secutor

the average age of death was around 28
uhh well if dood is killed in a match, other guy wins ofc
then someone dressed as mercury/charon/hades would go in w/a hot iron rod & poke the body or hit the body w/a hammer to make sure he is dead
then ded dood gets dragged outside & his throat is slit before.. well, he's chucked out p much

they're still slaves in the end
it's just when they're alive, they're highly valued assets & given a++ massages & medical care & lots of training

they drank "sports drinks" made of vinegar & fucking plant ashes (thought to strengthen) yum & were actually vegetarians.
they ate barley, oatmeal, beans. barley bc it was less quality than usual grain/wheat other ppl eat, bc they're slaves but it's ok bc it was thought to strengthen them anyways (tho funny bc if u misbehave in the roman army, u have to eat barley instead of grain & isn't buffing up good if ur a soldier lmao)
they tended to be a bit ehh bigger? hunkier?? heavier than modern atheletes at least but that meant shit like /gets punched in stomach /didnt feel it/
i guess like those mr. strongman competitors as opposed to the cloud bodybuilders-> real strength as opposed to fake useless balloon muscles

so yknow bc of all this they mostly p buff unf
& due to training w sword from a young age, it was found that a lot of skeletons of these gladiators had slight asymmetry in their arms- the sword arm was around 18mm longer than the other
also a lot of skeletons were also found w/terrible wounds; shattered bones, badly healed bones, holes in skulls ettc. etc.- these were probs the guys who died from their injuries
there was one guy found under some museum & he was like *5'10'' & woahh so huge for his time
archaeology is quite fascinating

ANYHOO this pic is the murmillo/mirmillo, idk which is real spelling, there's even myrmillo
im not saying who is under the helmet :3c bc lets focus on the bloody info
it could be spartacus yknow, he was mirmillo before he busted out

the mirmillo (pl. mirmillones) was hmmm formed to replace the class (crupellarius?? im not sure) that rrepresented the gallics
bc like it was sorta ~exotic whew~ to have different styles fighting like of greeks & samnites, but like after gaul became part of rome they were like "ok they aint enemy soldiers humm" so replaced crupellarius w/mirmillo which was uhh more roman legionary style instead
& it's quite clever rlly this is one reason romans were so hardcore in their conquests, they learnt to adapt to diff fighting styles of diff ppl they conquered

these guys were named after... fish (smth like mormylos idk) hence some helmets would have lil fish ornament on it
& they fought the retiarius (fishermen basically, w/a net & trident lol) as well as the thraces & hoplomachus (more greek-> to like reenact idk greek vs roman wars) and the samnite (from the samnites)
never against others of own kind tho, so like no mirmillo vs mirmillo

so the mirmillo is considered a more heavily armoured class of gladiator
the fighting style is suited to doods w/broad shoulders & stronk arms 8))
they also tend to be bit shorter bc yknow short & compact
apparently good height is like 172cm idk
also trained to kick opponents w/their heavily padded legs
& usually fought barefooted

in the pic, it's the ehh fighting position?; top of the scutum at around mouth level, shins is protected by orceae, left foot & left side forward & gladius raised very threateningly

uhh so they had:

cassius crista-> cassius refers to basically any helmet made of a metal but i dunno about crista (then does that mean cassius dio's name means ... helmet??)
I think it was made of bronze & it's got a fish on the crest & it has that high part on back which is sorta like fin bc yknow FISHY
v fancy tho dang, it has uhh grill visor?? & it's got lil hinge so the grills can open like a lil window lol
based off the Boeotian helmet

manica-> uhhh arm guard i guess, on the right arm
can be fabric w/leather thonging to hold in place OR metal strips all strung together*/scale armour*, which would have to have that strap across the chest so it doesnt fall/slip off

also leather/cloth uhh idk wrapped around left wrist as well to protect it somehow

scutum-> rectangular, semi-cylindrical (like those curved flat screen tvs) shield
basically made of 3 pieces of wood stuck together then reinforced by leather
they found like one of these in syria & got good measurements- about 100cm tall, 40cm wide, 30cm deep & 5-6mm thick
it's decorated v prettily bc aesthetics while fighting ofc
there's a boss (umbo) on the front for yknow using offensively as well
very heavy, its like 10kg & carried on the left arm, but it's v sturdy& good protection--> tho not rlly against say the iberian falcata which just fucked it up lol, so they had to adapt to THAT again

gladius-> the short sword from which the name gladiator is derived
sources say from 45cm or 64-81cm, weighing 1.2-1.6kg
good for stabby stab & maybe sometimes slashy slash
just a poke in the abdomen & ur p much ded sorry

ocreae-> or just greaves, uhhh bigger one on left shin bc it's the side exposed to enemy (usually covers shin but apparently could go up to thigh)
could be made of gold or silver or other metals
also + fasciae, cloth padding to prevent calluses n shit

and last but not least ofc the subligaculum aka the loincloth (often quite colourful), w/the balteus aka the wide belt made of shit like precious metal or leather & decorated
apparently the balteus was supposed to be like a sword belt worn over the shoulder for the roman soldiers & not gladiators per se so I guess the balteus for the gladiator just refers to the wide belt

also sobs i dwlded a circle scatter brush & didnt have to draw 100 freckles/moles #bless
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