Argus's eyes Picture

A Greek legend says Argus was Hera's trusted guard. He had one hundred eyes, so he was always watching, for when some of his eyes closed to sleep, the rest remained open. When Zeus fell in love with the nymph Io, Hera, jealous, turned her into a white heifer and asked Argus to watch over her so that Zeus cannot approach. But Zeus knew that Hermes, god of the thieves, of the cunning, of the liars, of the orators and wit, of invention and travels, would find a way to get past Argus. And indeed he did: disguised as a shepherd, he sang and played so well that the guardian slowly fell asleep and all his eyes closed. Hermes slained him and freed Io.
Saddened, the goddess Hera picked up all the eyes and sticked them on the long tail of her favorite bird. So appeared the peafowl, whose tailfeathers became Hera's symbol and reminded her of her trusted Argus.

Hera is also known as Juno in the Roman mythology. Zeus is Jupiter and Hermes, Mercury.
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