As Above, So Below. Picture

Alright, first of all. This pose is based off a Firia/Valgaav picture. No denying that. I'm lame when it comes to basic poses.

But the other stuff is legend/myth/religion, and original characters.

The characters in this picture are Shizuka, and Zenthus. The priestess bearing the power of Flarelord/Lifebringer, and the Dark Lord and fallen dragon of ice/water and serpents and a lot of cool stuff. It's hard to summarize without going on for paragraphs. For information, see Szurane here: [link] , the site really needs an update, FFS.

The framework around the two of them is a modified ouroboros [information on the actual ouroboros on linked page, see references > alchemy]. The bottom was changed into a phoenix instead of a second serpent, to represent the struggle of these two. [Also references > alchemy > brazen serpent, ascent/descent of dove/serpent, references > ssuling > dragon & phoenix ]

The dragon and phoenix represent both conflict and wedded bliss in China, which is what the world's base mythology came from, before we intermingled alchemy. It fits the ouroboros concept well.

The dodecagram on the side reads, "IHVH, fix thou the volatile, and let there be unto the void restriction." from a Mercury pendant; the alchemy section refered to points out the many ways Zenthus relates to volatility and mercury, he ties into this, and this fits Shizuka's view of him perfectly.

The hebrew above and below it are two angel names found together on another Mercury pentacle that represent the two well for reasoning I won't get into.

Bleh, Zenthus' head is kinda tiny compared to hers, but otherwise I guess I'm happy for it for something I doused in color in crayolas.

paper from an unlined notebook
Stubby crayola pencils
Mechanical pencil

Approx time: NO idea. I need to start timing, but it was at least 1 1/2 hours.
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