Mercury's Head Three-Quarters Picture

Because it has been suggested that I should attempt angles other than straight-on and profile. I can't see why people say 3/4 is the easiest to draw, I had a devil of a time setting up the guide-curves (although this might just be me and my obsession with such things
So, my first attempt at 3/4 "from scratch" drawing is of Mercury from my "Mythology Modernised" thingy (see [link] ).

One of the few planets the ancients got roughly right: the "messenger of the gods" screams around the Sun in just 88 days. Mercury is also constantly changing, with half of it being baked by the Sun and half freezing in the vacuum of space at any given time.

Because of this, I've linked Mercury with speed and change, and hence progress, technology and the like. The metallic coloration is a pun on the name, a further link to technology and finally to the simple physical fact that Mercury is pretty much a ball of iron, stripped bare of atmosphere by its temperature and proximity to the Sun. The dark shading around her neck, jawline and half her hair is to symbolise the side of her that is in the dark.
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