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I've asked for this custom troll from the deviant chichidawolf on another account of mine, timaeus-godhead!
That's basically my writing account and I try to keep both this one and that account seperated as possible. I mean, I have my reasons-- >v>;;
But anyway, let's continue on to this cutie. nvn;;
| Basic Information |

Name: Sauntl Haunts

Species: Troll

Gender: Male

Age: 7.38 Sweeps (16 human years)

Derse or Prospit?: Prospit

Fetch Modus: Boggle Fetch Modus
A possible speculation of its use is that the user has to find the name of the desired item in a Boggle puzzle.
It could possibly randomize the name, since items do not have a set identity, i.e. a dollar bill may become a monetary note.

Strife Specibus (Weapon): Bowkind

Title: Thief of Time

Medium: Land of Copper and Mercury [LOCAM]

Denizen: Orthrus
Named after the greek mythological creature, Orthus is a two headed creature inhabbiting the land of LOCAM.
It attacks any living thing in it's sight, and gaurds it's resting place upon the planet.

| Troll-Specific Information |

Blood color: Cerulean

Lusus: Praying Mantis Father

Ancestor: The Advocate

Hive: His hive is a tall, long sky scraper with glass walls.
Vines and plants are scattered around the Hive, and praticully grow on the outside glass.

Horns: Long horns, resembling a deers

Trolltag: garrulousCharterbox [GC]

Quirk: With every 'I' he types, he inserts square brackets around that letter, whether it's upper case or lower case
EX: [I]f [i]t's to the po[i]nt where [I] can open my laptop f[i]rst and my eyes second, [I] can tell [I] have a problem.

Matesprit: [ Avalible ]
Kismesis: [ Avalible ]
Moirail: [ Avalible ]
Auspistice: [ Avalible ]

| General Appearance |

Do they need to wear glasses or contacts?: As shown above, he wears his glasses.
Although even with out those glasses of his he can see just as well. They're only their to supposedly give off a 'cool' impression.

They should wear their glasses, but do they always?: Unless he is ready for sleep or is just waking up, he is always wearing his glasses, but like stated he never really needs his glasses.
Because with his interest in the human hipster subculture, he figured that wearing those glasses would make him look like a hipster himself.

Weight: 155 lbs.

Height: 5'8"

Notable features: Sauntl has two eyebrow peircings placed on his left eyebrow.

Hair: Slicked down with gell, it has an raven lie color, and is surprisingly soft to the touch.

| Favorites and Least Favorites |

Color: Despite how you'd figure he'd like cerulean (knowing that's his blood color), he adores shades of red.

Music: Indie music and other obscure human/troll bands

Movie: [TBA]

Book: [TBA]

Food: [TBA]

Clothing: [TBA]

Prized possession(s): His scarf (shown on the first sprite above)

Alchemized item(s): [TBA]

Other likes/dislikes: [TBA]

| Personality |

Biggest goal: [TBA]

Greatest fear: [TBA]

Darkest secret: [TBA]

Does anyone know?: [TBA]

If yes, how did they find out?: [TBA]

Greatest strength: [TBA]

Greatest weakness: [TBA]

Greatest accomplishment: [TBA]

Biggest regret: Pretending how he wouldn't care in most situations, when those were the times he was supposed to care.

Are they more aggressive, assertive, or passive?: Passive

Are they emotional or stoic?: Although Sauntl tries to give off the impression of not caring in general (and fails to do so in the end), he's deeply emotional and tends to show it.

Which do they trust more, their head or their heart?: Sauntl trusts his heart greatly.

Are they an introvert or extrovert?: Intovert
I'll finish the rest in my own time. ;v;

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
Sprite Design (c) chichidawolf
Sauntl Haunts (c)

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