Wingeon Picture

Okay, all. I am uploading this one because I am awaiting more requests and am not getting any, so if you are interested please leave a comment or send a note, and I will totally create your Eeveelution. Want to see my others? Click here!

This is Wingeon. Here's a little about it.

Eevee evolves into Wingeon when it levels up while carrying a Sky Plate. But only in certain regions. It has small wings on it's heals to represent the shoes of Hermes (Mercury) the messenger god of Greek and Roman mythology. Though its wings look too small to carry it, it is actually very light and can easily be lifted, especially when there is a breeze. It has ocassionally been seen shortly before or after the siting of a Suicune, indicating that it, too, is associated with the North Wind. Some say that seeing one is a sign of good fortune and weather.

Ja, so there it is. Please request! I'm bored! XD

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