The Virgin ~ Virgo Picture

Ruler of the Sixth house, and ruled by Mercury, Virgo is highly self critical and attentive to detail. She is modest and very logical, being very down to earth. She will study other's carefully, though she can become jealous of others, she won't let that get the better of her. Virgo is rather fit due to her love of exercise. She can't help but see all that she does wrong and will rarely see what she does right due to low self- esteem. Surprisingly, Virgo is very shy and generally won't communicate to those she doesn't know, but once she sees them as a good friend, she is very loyal. Virgo is known to be very hard-working and created Libra, sometimes even acting as a mother figure to him.

Sign Type: Mutable
Element: Earth
Dates: Aug 23- Sep 22 (Sep 17 - Oct 30)
Human Name: Terra

Notes: Ah, my wonderful Virgo friends all crammed into one XD You guys are pretty similar in the core which is pretty cool. Oh and in Mythology, Virgo built Libra so take that as what you guys will XD Seriously why won't this woman look happy without wanting to kill someone XD geez, I need to teach her how to look happy. But I do like Virgos, they are nicer than people think but you have to be patient with them. It's worth it. ^^ What do you guys think? I love how Virgo came out (XD I have no clue why she wants to kill me) XD but I'm on a role today, I will have Libra up in an hour or two X3
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