Gods, In Passing: Loki Picture

Unlike Hermes and Pan's character designs, Loki's design is much more muted -more shades of grey than anything else. I did this for two reasons:

One, the Loki in my novel is a near twin of the Loki at the tail end of his progression as a character within Norse mythology. In the beginning, Loki was a relatively mercurial character -lively, witty, and extremely unpredictable. As time went on, for various reasons, Loki became a darker and much less friendly guy until, finally, he was chained with the entrails of one of his sons by Sigyn in a cave with a serpent spitting venom in his eyes.

At the time of the novel, Loki has managed to escape his bonds -which is in and of itself entirely disconcerting, given that he's only supposed to do that when the Fimbul winter freezes his chains and makes them fragile. No one quite knows how he got out of the cave -or where Sigyn is, for that matter- and, quite frankly, most are too scared to ask.

In light of this, I found that the sheer bleakness of his appearance worked well in conjunction with the strong Apocalyptic overtures within the novel, as well as Loki's part in Ragnarok. His personality, as well, suits his colour scheme; he's angry and bitter and brooding, with an air of weariness that hovers about him.

The second reason for this design's decidedly bland colour scheme was that one of the major traits that Loki has, whatever guise he takes, is his eyes. They're always glacial and just a little too bright -to the point where they actually glow in the dark, which never fails to scare the bejeezus out of Sage. What better way to make the eyes stand out than by making them the most colourful part of his design?

In regards to his relation to the protagonist, Sage... Despite Loki's much darker personality, he and Sage have a truce of sorts going on between them. While Sage sides with the "friendlier" Gods, she's also very fond of Jormungandur, whom she visits while dream-walking. For that one kindness -which none of the other Gods have ever bothered to show his offspring- Loki manages to refrain from sending any serious misfortune Sage's way.

But only just.

Of course, little misfortunes are another matter entirely. Dude is a Trickster God, after all.

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