Saule Picture

One of my most favorite goddesses: the Lithuanian and Latvian sun goddess Saule! Seated in heaven she gives the earth, her daughter, light from a jug. I just draw her in a simply dress, with Greco-Roman influence. I tried to make her motherly. She's married to the moon god Menu(lis) and the mother of the stars Selija (Saturn), Indraja (Jupiter), Ziezdre (Mars), Vakarine (Venus as evening star), Vaivora (Mercury) and the earth (Zemyna). She had a liason with the thunder god Perkunas whom she bor the morning star Ausrine. When he came after this, the moon god divorced from Saule, so that's way there's day and night. Some say that the moon god also raped his stephdaughter, to take revenge on his wife. It really sounds like a soap
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