Arnuban cybershaman Picture

Wielding invisible armies of mentally controlled nanobots housed in reservoirs in their bodies, cybershamans are some of the most powerful, and dangerous, beings in known space. Each one has a neural network of nanotechnology cybernetics and millions of invisible nanobots at their control. Using an incredible knowledge of programming and robotics, they create what appears to be magical effects. They throw fireballs (plasma), take control of people's minds (subharmonic hypnotic frequencies), take control over technology (remote computer hacking) and can even cause curses, pain and death with a touch (nanobot viruses)...
Mysterious, often overbearingly arrogant, and mercurial in nature, they never give you a straight answer and based on how they act, it's apparent that the Arnuban have very similiar ideals to humanity as to what wizards should be like.
These beings are highly respected, and feared, in Arnuban society, and they can amass quite a bit of power.
Interestingly, some older races have suggested that there may be more to these beings than just computer tricks. Many of the ancient symbols the Arnuban use, the names and some of their techniques, bear a striking similarity to ancient, long-forgotten races that many believe did, in fact, use some form of magic. Some suggest that the Arnuban once, long ago, could and did use magic of some sort, and that they have forgotten those ancient arts overtime.
But most people of a more scientific bent don't believe that, instead believing that the Arnuban are simply reliving, through the use of technology, the fantasies common in every primitive people's mythology.
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